Jedi Minute 9: Jabba on the Dais

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January 15th, 2015


Light shafts partially illuminate the drunken courtiers as Bib Fortuna crosses the room to the platform upon which rests the leader of this nauseating crowd: JABBA THE HUTT.


Jordan White



  • Starts with C-3PO explaining that they have to deliver the gift to Jabba personally.
Ends with R2-D2 holo-projecting our old friend Luke Skywalker.
  • First appearance of Jabba the Hutt (ignoring the Special Editions).
  • C-3PO says "I have a bad feeling about this" - the first time it is said in this movie.


  • The hosts like Jabba the Hutt but don't like the introductory shot in this movie.
  • The coolness of Jabba the Hutt has never been recaptured in digital form. And the 1997 original special edition Jabba is "crazy awful".
  • Jabba is a little tipsy in Return of the Jedi.
  • George Lucas was very unhappy with the Jabba puppet.
  • Jabba on the Dais versus Rock Me Amadeus.
  • Various CGI character replacements in the Star Wars movies.
  • Pete doesn't know what to think about special editions of the Prequels. They may be a double negative which means he likes them.
  • Rebooting all of the movies.
  • Factoids about the Jabba the Hutt puppet:
    • Took 3 months to build.
    • Cost $500,000 ($100,000 less than the Imperial hangar set).
    • There were 3 puppeteers inside - with others outside controlling different elements.
  • What does it smell like?: Inside the Jabba the Hutt puppet? Foam rubber, paint, solvents, chemicals and three guys all in a million degrees.
  • Jordan has been to the Lucas Ranch and has seen some of the puppets used in the movies. They are all quickly deteriorating due to the materials used to make them. Mouse Droids are bigger than they look on film.
  • There are a lot of aliens in this scene; many debuts and call-backs.
  • Weird music is playing when they first walk in.
  • There are whispering Jawas in the background. What are they whispering about?
  • A frog-dog barks at C-3PO as the droids walk by. The frog-dogs are sentient and intelligent creatures that sometimes pretend to be dumb.

Salacious Crumb will be discussed in the next podcast episode.

  • Sentient creatures versus monsters; how are these defined?
  • Also, which planets / races are represented in the Senate and how this is determined.
  • Jawas in the Senate and how they behave.
  • Which characters wear clothes and which characters don't.
  • What Jabba should have been wearing.
  • All of these matters are to be addressed in the crawl of Episode VII.
  • The hosts pitch Jordan Star Wars comic book ideas:
    • "The West Wing" set in Star Wars.
    • A Jabba the Hutt "Sopranos".
    • Or a Jabba the Hutt "Breaking Bad".

Meta Minute

  • 25:47 podcast episode length.
  • Cold-open: Ad-read for
  • Jordan once counted the total amount of limbs that got cut off in the movies. He doesn't remember the number but does know that Anakin / Darth Vader loses five as follows:
    • Dooku cuts off his arm.
    • Then Obi-Wan cuts off both legs and the other arm at the lava pit.
    • The Luke cuts off one of his arms again.
    • General Grievous loses a lot of arms as well.
      • The total count is 23, according to
  • Mike Edmonds, who was the little person actor who played Jabba's tail also played Logray the Ewok.


  • Jordan: And my name is Jordan D. White and I'm here from the internet.
  • Pete: On the dais, <singing> on the dais.
  • Pete: <Singing> Trand-o-shan!


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