Last Jedi Minute 100: Give Me Everything

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June 18th, 2021


We say goodbye to guest commentator Joseph Scrimshaw and the Resistance says goodbye to Admiral Holdo and the Raddus!


Joseph Scrimshaw



  • Minute 100.
  • Starts with Snoke saying "give me everything", and ends with Poe saying "that could work".


  • "Give me everything".
  • The nature of the Force torture/interrogation/mind invasion.
  • The effective lighting & makeup in this scene counteract the red room.
  • The quality of Adam Driver's acting.
  • Load lifters = golf carts.
  • Is it a coincidence that Rey screams out, and then Poe wakes up?
  • The Alliance "amputation bandage".
  • Poe's jacket. Clothes you can buy at Galaxy's Edge.
  • Why is now the time to give Poe the explanation?
    • "Need to know" basis.
    • Leia is grooming him for a leadership role.
  • What do we think about the Crait plan? Referenced: "Mad Men".
    • They're surviving to fight another day, but also to inspire others.
  • Repercussions for Poe following his failed mutiny. Referenced: "Jedi Minute 124: Mister T's Milk|The A-Team]]".
  • Larma D'Acy.
    • She's an exposition master. She makes other characters that only exist to give exposition (e.g. Sio Bibble and Ric Olié) look like fools.
    • Her home planet declined to join the New Republic.
      • The political structure following the fall of the Empire, as depicted in Bloodline.
  • Joseph's reaction to the movie.
He was on board immediately.
 He loves everything with Luke. His arc of coming to realize that while he needs to embrace his own flaws, he also needs to let everyone see him as a symbol of hope; as a legend. He needs to act to save the day, but in his own way. He uses the Force for knowledge and defence in a pacifist trick.
He feels like the movie does subvert expectations, but not just for its own sake (for contrast, see "Game of Thrones").
 It makes us question standard Star Wars conventions only to validate them by the third act: Luke questions whether the Jedi are necessary, but when he says "I will not be the last Jedi", it's clear he's come around that they are needed; DJ makes Finn question whether the Resistance and the First Order are really just two sides of the same coin, but we later learn that, no, there are real substantive differences between them; Poe gets chastised for his reckless actions, but it turns out, with the Holdo Maneuver, that it's good to take the bold and reckless choice at the right time when it really counts.
  • Thanks to and from Joseph for this week.
  • Joseph is pro-porg. He likes the dark humor.
  • Plug for the SWM Patreon, for Joseph's Patreon, and his comedy.

Meta Minute

  • 33:46 podcast episode length.
  • Despite being the only one not wearing a hood covering his face, Pete starts the show off with a "Hello there". Instead, he removes his hat (the same one he was wearing yesterday), revealing that he was wearing a second hat underneath.
  • Although there are plenty of websites that sell TLJ Poe Dameron-style jackets, they are not available through the Disney store and are not sold at Galaxy's Edge.
  • This is the second time this week Alex has used the "not great, Bob" line.


  • Pete:analyze, scrutinize, and distress signal to our allies.
  • Joseph: …there's also "Clone Wars" episodes about it. Pete: Seems like there always is.
  • Joseph: (on Adam Driver's acting) I would like to run from you, and give you a tissue…
  • Joseph: Growing up, when no one paid attention to me, I felt like a cloaked ship— Alex: You still have the cloak too!
  • Pete: *yawning* There's one, set for nap.


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