Last Jedi Minute 102: Anachronistic Music Cues

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June 22th, 2021


Our heroes discover DJ has sold them out to the First Order with guest commentator Kelly Anneken!


Kelly Anneken



  • Starts with DJ being revealed to be a traitor. Ends with Holdo watching as the transports get picked off by enemy fire.
  • Decloaking scan.


  • Pete is a domain name baron. Referenced: Dune.
  • Will we ever get a needle drop for music in Star Wars? À la A Knight's Tale (which was full of anachronistic music cues). See also: Marie Antoinette (Sofia Coppola film).
    • Star Wars is different than, say, the MCU, in that it's not our current reality.
  • Referenced: West Side Story, mentioned: the MAD Star Wars musical.
  • Kelly is unconditional really into BdT.
  • Referenced Black Knight, mentioned: "Forever Knight".
  • Poisonous snake.gif
    Callback to Rey calling Kylo a "murderous snake". The difference between 'poisonous' and 'venomous' (note: see below).
    • Referenced: "The End" by Jim Morrison and The Doors.
  • The pitfalls of watching these movies one minute at a time.
  • If you were DJ would you sell out our heroes? Honestly, yeah probably: you just met them that day.
  • Callback to the "foot cam" from last week.
Pete tells the story about his extraordinary encounter with local law enforcement.
He was hanging out camping with some friends and a guy he knew less well in a small town. They came across some arcade machines with the key to the money still in the back. The aforementioned (troublemaking friend of a friend) guy stole a bunch of quarters from the machines. The cops found out, brought them in to the station, and tried to get Pete and his friends to turn in the thief and confess, which they would have gladly done, but the cops were doing an extremely clumsy "tough guy" routine and threatened to call Pete's boss on him (of all things). Pete found it hilarious as he wasn't the least bit intimidated.
The guy eventually turned himself in after hiding in the woods and having his girlfriend plead with him via megaphone to come out.
Long story short, Pete had a falling out with the guy because it interrupted his weekend plans.
  • The limits of Pete's loyalty to, for example, the human race. Mentioned: The Three Body Problem.
  • Finn is especially hurt that DJ turned on them, as he was starting to see him as a potential role model.
  • The massacre of the remaining Resistance is totally Finn and Rose's fault. Holdo was exactly right about this kind of thing.
  • Which Star Wars ship would Kelly want? It's the obvious answer, but it's the Millennium Falcon. Except it might be kinda hard to park.
  • Kelly will be back tomorrow, but from an undisclosed remote location.
  • Plug for the merch store. But they don't take quarters.

Meta Minute

  • 33:11 podcast episode length.
  • Although there never was a shark on "The Jetsons", there was another, short-lived, Hanna-Barbera property that featured a talking, drum-playing great white shark named Jabberjaw.
  • Both A Knight's Tale and Black Knight came out in 2001, so 20 years ago at the time of this recording.
  • The ever-delightful webcomic Xkcd has a strip about replacing Batman's name with "a man dressed like a bat".
  • The difference between 'poisonous' and 'venomous' has ben brought up before.
    • Sorry Alex, but you're wrong again. The chefs that prepare the fugu fish cut out the parts with the highest concentrations of toxins, allowing customers to essentially "eat around the poisonous bits".
  • On the Wookieepedia page for U-55 orbital loadlifter, the quote about the decloaking scan is listed and is simply credited to "A FIRST ORDER Officer".


  • Kelly: They’re sharks, they're in space, and they have a robot maid.
  • Kelly: Well shut my mouth and call me Superman!
  • Kelly: (in regards to DJ) You're a criminal. You gotta do crime stuff.
  • Pete: What are ya, the Pennsylvania State police?
  • Kelly: Yes, I was a teenage boy in the 90s.


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