Last Jedi Minute 104: Spin the Bottle

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June 24th, 2021


Rey fires up Kylo's saber to take on Snoke but guest commentator Kelly Anneken is the one bringing the heat!


Kelly Anneken



  • Starts with snoke saying "All Is Lost." and ends with Kylo saying "I know what I have to do…"


  • Alex's three truths and a lie about Adam Driver (none of them are his shoe size).
  • Pete saw Fight Club in theaters because that was the trailer they showed before the 13 times he saw The Phantom Menace in the theater, which made him want to read the book, which in turn made him want to see the movie.
  • Alex is birthday twins with Faye Wong (Chinese singer-songwriter).
  • Who would wear a denim jacket in Star Wars? Definitely Toro Calican (from "The Mandalorian").
    • Only cool people can wear denim jackets, but you have to be cool enough to wear it; it doesn't make you cool.
  • Rey uses the force to try and pick up Kylo Ren's saber.
  • No one ever spits in Star wars. Do they even have saliva?

Meta Minute

  • 27:23 podcast episode length.
  • Kelly refers to Boba Fett as a "loveable bounty hunter". Alex used this exact same phrasing to refer to Fett in the Holiday Special special.


  • Kelly: Did you cobble Adam Driver's First Order boots?
  • Pete: (as Jar Jar) Meesa cool!
  • Kelly: <stifling a laugh> Could you put on a denim jacket so I know what to think?
  • Kelly: I know when I'm feeling hopeful I really like to hawk a loogie.


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