Last Jedi Minute 11: The Clicker

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Don't you wanna?


February 15, 2021


Comedian Jackie Kashian hates to see another performer bomb but in the case of Paige Tico she'll make an exception!


Jackie Kashian



  • Starts off with Paige Tico reaching the top of the ladder, and it ends with Paige reaching out for the clicker.
  • Continuity issue in that she is lying on her back, but when she catches it she's lying on her stomach and catches it with her other hand but we don't see her roll over.


  • It's been quite a while since we got to talk to Jackie!
  • Alex's pet peeve that whatever we see of them in the movie is their entire personality and their Wookieepedia entry: Paige wanted to see fathiers in person and see a fathier race more than anything.
    • How to pronounce "fathier". Mentioned: Zamfir, Master of the Pan Flute.
  • We don't yet know that Paige's medallion represents her connection to her sister. When she grabs it, it gives her the strength to kick the clicker down to her, and we don't know if that's some kind of magic or her using the Force.
  • The acting/directing choice of having Paige close her eyes when she's about to be engulfed in flames. Would we be so stoic if facing our imminent demise? It's almost like this is the Resistance propaganda version of how this went down.
    • Picturing the 'grade school play' version of these events, like a Thanksgiving pageant.
  • In an earlier version of the script, Paige died in Finn's arms, leaving a bloody handprint on his chest to parallel TFA, but the director couldn't get the scene to work.
  • The design aesthetic of the clicker – it's sci-fi, but like it was made in the 70s. Mentioned: Filco, Qui-Gon's lady's razor, Coleco electronic football game.
  • The aesthetic of the Empire/First Order vs. the Rebels/Resistance: clean and crisp vs. junky and lived-in.
  • Why would you have a remote control that drops the bombs? What if you lost it in the couch?
  • How they would have done Paige's death in the version where Finn was in the bomber too, especially considering how artsy this movie is.
    • The shots of Poe and Canady shouting with no sound (just score), and what they are saying.
    • Canady is obviously saying "fire!", but Poe could be saying "no" or "now" or "go" or he could just be saying his own name like a Pokémon or a Teletubby. Maybe that's how he got his name.
    • Mentioned: Dr. Strangelove, Alien 3.
  • More Paige trivia:
    • Rose got into engineering and developed a bomb she called a 'Paiger' in honor of her sister. Is this a good tribute?
    • The medallion:
      • Haysian ore medallion. Paige and Rose came from Hays Minor in the Otomok system.
      • They do not fit together like best-friend lockets, instead they are supposed to be a visual representation of the system. Mentioned: Krull (1983), Moon Knight, Mac Tonight.
  • A lot of what we just said refers to outdated technologies, and the kids aren't going to know what we're talking about.
Jackie's TLJ memories
The way she sees movies is she sees them in 2D first at her local theater to assess if they'd be good in 3D.
 The next time she sees a movie she'd go look for it in 3D. She did see this one both ways.
 There's a great 3D theater down by the Chinese Theatre, but there's also a weird 4D experience theater near there too, like Honey, I Shrunk the Audience!. Don't go to that one.
 She loved it in 3D.
She likes to see it first at her local theater because everyone brings their kids. And it's ok because she's going to see it at least two more times.
 Pete retells the story of seeing a showing of 2001: A Space Odyssey in Times Square when he and Adam had 3 hours to kill on their way to a concert. In front of them were tourists who were totally bored, but next to them were a pair of Japanese tourists who seemed to not have seen it before and were super into it, they were discovering the movie for the first time, and that's a great experience to have people like that watching the movie with you.

Meta Minute

  • 23:18 podcast episode length.
  • It's been 2,579 days since Jackie's last appearance on the show. Not that we've been counting.


  • Alex: Oh yes this horse's not quite dead yet...
  • Jackie: Do you ever get "parkour" and "pon farr" confused? I do. All the time. Pete: The worst is when you— Alex: Not the way I do it— Pete: get it mixed up in the middle. Jackie: By the way this is the only place that joke works.
  • Pete Let's go watch Alien 3.
  • Jackie: It's [the resistance is] like [American] football in the 50s: you have to play offense AND defense.
  • Alex: I'm going to invent a device that euthanizes people, I'm going to call it a 'Fincher' in honor of [Finch Dallow].


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