Last Jedi Minute 12: Kilroy Was Here

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February 16th, 2021


The dreadnaught looks more like a dreadNOT as it's taken down by the resistance bombers and guest commentator Jackie Kashian!


Jackie Kashian



  • Starts with Paige catching the button in a feat of acrobatic contortionism/what-have-you and it ends with the dreadnought crashing and burning in space.
  • On some of the bombs in the Cobalt Hammer there are things written by the crew in Aurebesh. (just like crews did during WWII.
    • One has a smiley face, one says "Hi Snoke", and another says "Han says hi"
  • "Bombs away!"


  • Referenced: the soliloquy from Blade Runner
  • Yet again, Star Wars DOES NOT CARE about normal physics.
  • Unfortunately we don't get a side-on view of the bombs dropping. Other views we could have seen this in. bomb's-eye view (like in Pearl Harbor, another reference to Dr. Strangelove.
  • Propagandizing Han's return to the Resistance.
    • Lionizing old generals (when their real lives might not be so glamorous nor so black and white).
    • Maybe putting “Han says hi” on a bomb is like the Star Wars equivalent of Kilroy was here.
  • Tallie (Tallissan Lintra).
    • Reminder: she is from Pippip 3.
    • Ridiculously, she has a sister named Kallie Lintra.
    • She is the Wedge of the sequels in terms of background character fan interest, but not so much in terms of surviving the trilogy :'(
    • Where does “bombs away” come from? See also: "fire in the hole".
  • Leia is traumatized every time she sees something/somebody blow up because of Alderaan. Or is she just sort of collapsing in relief like Admiral Ackbar after the destruction of the super star destroyer?
    • She's mad because Poe squandered the squadron.
  • Canady is sneering to the last. How it would have been different if Canady was instead regretting the life choices that brought him here. It would humanize him, kind of like how we learned Stormtroopers are really just kidnapped children forced to fight.
    • It's humanizing bad guys that we're supposed to be able to hate with impunity. Jackie doesn't approve; it's good that he sneers.
  • What Alex wants his last words (or his epitaph) to be. Pete wants his to be “poodoo”.
  • The exploding dreadnought takes a long time and many parts blow up individually. Will we ever see an instantaneous explosion like we had with Death Star 1 again?
    • We have the computer technology to see the individual parts exploding.
    • Compare the short of Canady sneering to the last shot of Tarkin.
    • The Death Star has great buildup and sudden release, as opposed to in more modern movies.
  • It's fun watching the background extras trying to pretend like they're busy: Again compare to the background extras aboard Home One.
    • The guy with the line of dialog: Resistance Monitor is his only character name (played by Jonathan Harden) not a cameo, just a working actor.
  • Who would Jackie want to be if she had a cameo in Star Wars? She'd be fine with a bunch of prosthetics on her knees for half a day.
    • Stand-up comics in the Mandalorian.
      • What she'd really want to be is a voice for Star Trek: Lower Decks. Mentioned: Lazlo from Real Genius (1985). Or she could be Rey's aunt.
  • Why does the bomber crash once the bombs are gone? Simply Because the pilot is dead? (Editor's note: See minute 10 for more about the strength of the planet's gravity at that distance.)
    • The alignment on the StarFortress pulls a little to the left. The Resistance cant afford regular maintenance.
  • The little X-wing checklist kind of status screen. Mentioned: Battleship (board game), Gorf (video game).
  • Jackie will be back tomorrow.
  • Plug for the YouTube channel. Find the show on Twitter and Instagram.

Meta Minute

  • 25:23 podcast episode length.
  • Jackie got the right ship, but you might be surprised to know that of the 100 ships moored at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1944, only 21 were lost or damaged in the attack, and of these only 8 were sunk or capsized. The USS Arizona and the USS Oklahoma were the only battleships permanently lost, and the USS Nevada, California, and West Virginia were all re-floated and repaired in time to play a role in the rest of the War in the Pacific.
  • As of February 2021 there is no Real Genius Minute.
  • Pete and Alex make actually the same joke at the same time.


  • Jackie: Please, God, buy my merch because we’re in a pandemic and my garage is full of it.
  • Jackie: Put a GoPro on that bomb.
  • Alex: (in Admiral Ackbar fishy voice) <sighing> Ohhh. I'm a tired fish.
  • Alex: (to Pete) not just “DNR” but actually “TNT” is what it should say on your chest.
  • Pete: There's a human here in the room, I'm not going to say which one of us it is.
  • Alex: So Jackie, you're a famous person... Jackie: <laughs>
  • Jackie: I have sort of that "your favorite aunt" energy. [...] Pete: She [Rey]'s like "yeah I have no family. Oh! except for my Aunt Jackie".


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