Last Jedi Minute 14: Killer Robot Dog

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This is as close as we could get it to "Finn naked leaking bag".


February 18th, 2021


FN-2187 is reunited with Poe Dameron and guest commentator Jackie Kashian feels so good!


Jackie Kashian



  • Starts with Finn waking up, and ends with Rey walking up.


  • Jackie is on Pandora!
  • Finn's medical bubble. Mentioned: "What's 'updog'?"
    • It's a flexpoly bacta suit. Is this an advancement from the standard bacta tank? Or maybe Finn's insurance just didn't cover that.
  • Wookieepedia refers to Finn as a "First Order deserter". Does this reveal First Order sympathies from the Wookieepedians? Or maybe an anti-Finn bias.
  • There is no one to attend Finn when he wakes up (not even a droid), and when his tubes pull out the beeping doesn't change. You think he'd know better than to just wander around, but maybe he's delirious. Mentioned: Disorderlies (1987).
  • Poe does the classic Bob Newhart-Shelley Berman bit with BB-8.
    • How does BB-8 communicate? Is it in complete sentences? Given that his primary purpose is fixing ships, probably not.
    • The roles and capabilities of BB-8 and Poe have evolved, probably due to fan response.
  • It's not like nobody knows or cares who he is. As a First Order deserter he has status; he's the guy.
    • People should be stopping him to ask for his autograph.
  • Teal BB unit. Mentioned: Mirror universe tropes.
    • Mentioned: Stance socks.
    • 2BB-2.
  • Different levels of droid sentience. There are evil droids in Star Wars. Mentioned: Dr. Aphra comics.
    • What kind of droid Jackie would want (note: this same question was asked on another of Jackie's appearances). Just a dog, not a droid. Referenced: K9 from "Dr. Who", horrifying dog robots from Boston Dynamics.
      • A.X.L., a movie on Netflix about a robot murder dog. Jackie spoils the ending for us but that's ok because it's terrible and dumb.
  • Abednedos being named after Beastie Boys songs.
  • Given the technology in the Star Wars universe, it's funny that Rey spends so much time walking up the stairs.
  • What band you would want people to name things after. Jackie says she's fairly ignorant of music, so maybe a little-known science fiction series instead.
    • Maybe somebody you wanted to meet, but it couldn't be anybody too famous or they wouldn't think anything of it.
  • Remember that we're on YouTube now. Think of what you could be missing!

Meta Minute

  • 27:04 podcast episode length.
  • Ancient Egyptian writing is complex and interesting and we went down a bit of a rabbit hole researching it. It turns out that Egyptian hieroglyphics are not purely an ideographic/logographic writing system (where symbols stand for ideas as opposed to representing sounds). It actually combined logographic, syllabic, and alphabetic elements.
    • To see the phrase "Finn naked leaking bag" using hieroglyphs as logograms, see the following: File:Hieroglyphics.png.
    • A classic example of a more logosyllabic writing system (where the character graphemes stand for morphemes) is the characters used in written Chinese.
  • Back when the guys sold out, they did a series of ads for Stance socks.
  • A Funicular is a cable-driven pair of rail cars that can be used to transport people up and down a steep slope. Probably would come in handy on Temple Island on Ahch-To.
  • The Abednedo that we see in this minute is C'ai Threnalli. He is seated next to pilot Stomeroni Starck (played by former and future guest of the show Noah Segan), who will be back later.
  • According to Leland Chee, C'ai Threnalli's name is pronounced with a hard 'c', and his name was originally going to be given to another character (so don't bother looking for a Beastie Boys reference).


  • Alex: Here's a corner, call someone who cares.
  • Jackie: Ketamine and child brides for us all in A.X.L. 2.
  • Pete: Rey's Aunt Jackie who has a killer robot dog.


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