Last Jedi Minute 17: Gold Pajamas

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February 23rd, 2021


We get cozy in the red room with Asterios & Sirancha


Asterios Kokkinos and Sirancha



  • Starts with a pouty Luke Skywalker folding up his clothes in his hut, and ends with Snoke revealing that a cur's weakness is… blank.
  • First appearance of Chewbacca for this movie.
  • First appearance of Kylo Ren in this film, first in-person appearance of Snoke, period.
    • First appearance of the red throne Room and, more importantly, the gold pajamas.


  • Nobody looked up what the other things in Luke's hut are.
    • Considering that Luke is retired from the Jedi, he sure has a lot of Jedi-type knickknacks in his office. We want more Jedi tchotchkes and a Snoke globe.
  • Question for the panel: what is Luke's relationship with Chewbacca. Are they like frat brothers?
    • Since Luke is an emo teenager, even though he pretends like he doesn't want his mom coming in his room, he really did want to talk about what happened at school that day – it's that sweet sweet attention he craves.
    • Evidence of the relationship from when they interact in the original trilogy.
    • Chewie probably has lingering resentment because Luke is always trying to put handcuffs on him.
  • Luke's "where's Han" (in addition to reminding us that Han died) means that the last time he knew them, they still owned the Millennium Falcon. Since the Falcon is like a floating bachelor pad, it would be like if Asterios' apartment showed up in Portland without him.
  • Rey is interpreting Chewbacca for Luke; isn't that a bit presumptuous?
    • Is she translating for him accurately? Maybe he said something totally different.
    • How Rey knows how to speak Wookiee. Maybe it's a really really easy language to learn.
  • That thing in modern filmmaking where one character asks about another character and then we cut to that character or in this case the character who murdered that character.
  • Snoke in person. We didn't know how big he was until just now.
    • The size of people's holograms and what that says about them.
      • Referenced: emperor chimp eyes, The Energizer Bunny (who has an entry on Wookieepedia).
      • Snoke's self esteem issues.
      • Is it a setting by the sender or the recipient?
      • Kylo Ren being passive-aggressive and making Snoke's hologram tiny on his end. Or a power move on Snoke's part could be to appear tiny and speak quietly so everyone has to lean in to hear him.
      • Something in Snoke's system overrides your settings. Referenced: Zoom cat lawyer, "NBA Jam" (big head mode).
  • Evil elevator lighting.
  • Snoke's pajamas. Referenced: Hugh Hefner.
    • Pete was watching Cary Grant in gold pajamas and wanted a pair of his own so his wife got them for him. Pete forgot to wear them for the video.
  • General thoughts on the red throne room and Rian Johnson's creative choices .
    • Pete's quest.
    • Mentioned: "Blackout in the Red Room" album, Dale Cooper ("Twin Peaks") in the red room, Marvel's Black Widow.
    • Story about the killer pop-up (Editor's note: this is a link to a wiki about Creepypasta, not the actual website with the killer pop-up).
  • Today's porg fact: the first canonically named porg: Terbus (Mispronounced as "Terabis"). Referenced: Cerebus the Aardvark and its author's [awful] views on women.
    • One of the family of porgs who stowed away on the Falcon.
  • Plug for

Meta Minute

  • 28:23 podcast episode length.
  • According to, the "Twin Peaks" reference was intentional.
  • The only light in a darkroom (used for developing film) is known as a safelight which is safe to use around undeveloped film. Depending on what kind of photo you're developing, a safelight can be any of a number of different colors, but red is most commonly used for black and white film.
  • This is the second week in a row that Fleetwood Mac has come up.


  • Alex: […] analyze, scrutinize, and celebrate The Last Jedi one moist minute at a time.
  • Alex: Weakness for whoopie. Pete: <finishing> the Snoke Story.
  • Pete: All right, I'll cut that part out where you're a failure. Asterios and Sriracha: *uproarious laughter*.
  • Alex: <petulantly) Mom I'm playing with my crystals! Sriracha: My Snoke globe, Mom, it's an action figure!
  • Asterios: <indignantly> I know C-3PO got his memory wiped by […] the guy from [sic] "Law and Order" [L. A. Law]!
  • Pete: I think it's a joke they're playing on C-3PO. Asterios: Life is a joke that's being played on C-3PO!
  • Pete: We'll have to go back and watch the Holiday Special again.
  • Asterios: (as Snoke) Only red lighting! I want the evilest lighting you can get me. Alex: Plus he develops a lot of film...
  • Pete: Snoke is like a website.
  • Pete: I look more like Snoke than Cary Grant. […] Alex: Save it for your OnlyFans.
  • Pete: (à la Elton John) Ch-Ch-Ch-Chewie and the porgs.


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