Last Jedi Minute 19: Mood Room

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Who're you calling O.P.?


February 25th, 2021


Snoke has some shocking news about Luke for Kylo Ren and guest commentators Sirancha & Asterios Kokkinos!


Sirancha and Asterios Kokkinos



  • Starts off with Kylo Ren saying he gave everything he had to Snoke (what more does the guy want?)
  • Ends with Snoke saying that as long as Luke Skywalker is around, hope lives in the galaxy. And rebellions are built on hope.
  • First time we see Force lightning in the Sequel Trilogy.
  • First appearance of the Elite Praetorian guard.


  • Answer to yesterday's trivia question.
    • The mighty examples: two on-screen examples and two scripted but cut examples.
      • Spoken examples are from both from Return of the Jedi. The first is Luke in his message to Jabba. The second us Jabba when Leia dressed as Boushh and she brings in Chewbacca, he refers to him as the mighty Chewbacca.
      • Cut examples.
        • 1) From Attack of the Clones instead of being called just the "Bear Clan" it is the "mighty Bear Clan".
          • Considering what happens to them, would it have been better or worse if they are called the bear claw (like the donut)?
        • 2) In The Phantom Menace when Qui-Gon tells Shmi that he's going to take Anakin away and Anakin is excited about it he says

          "Mighty blasters! You mean I get to go with you in your starship and everything?"

          Although they kept most of that line, the fact that they cut "mighty blasters" is a real bullet dodged.
  • They never say "porg" out loud in the movies (just like "Ewok").
    • Callback: Rey is mistranslating for Chewbacca.
  • Snoke tells Kylo Ren to take that stupid thing off. Is this controversial? Also what thing is he referring to? We assume it's the helmet but it would be funny if it was something else (e.g. his pants).
    • The supposed controversy about Rey being overpowered.
      • They really hang a lantern on it when Snoke calls out Ren for being beaten by girl who never touched a lightsaber.
        • Nobody complains that Luke was able to blow up the Death Star without even using his targeting computer but now a lady and her friend beat a bad guy who's already hurt.
        • Mentioned: Ocean Pacific, the OPC killer.
    • Mentioned: Tall Al from "Police Squad!" take that stupid hat off, UHF (the Weird Al Yankovic movie) take that ridiculous thing off and it turns out it's the mustache. Referenced: don't call it a comeback.
    • Rian Johnson is not a "yes, and..." kind of a guy. He's tried to undermine our expectations by throwing out everything that seemed to be important in the last movie.
      • Referenced: 30 Rock/the final episode of M*A*S*H.
      • Rian Johnson zigs when we thought he was going to zag and many times it works, such as with the lightsaber and with the helmet.
        • Adam Driver is a good actor and we want to see his face; we already had a whole movie that established that he had a weird helmet with a weird helmet voice and now it's character development to have him not hide behind a mask relying on his Grandpa's props.
        • And then to have J. J. take back a lot of what Rian Johnson did with this movie it's almost like he and Johnson are having a puerile contest of manliness using Disney's money. If they are, count us out of it!
  • Sirancha's story about why she had not yet been exposed to Star Wars before.
    • Going into this movie, she knew absolutely nothing except there was a girl with a lightsaber that everyone hated. And that's it.
  • Snoke gives a casual little lightning zap. Foreshadows Rey in the Rise of Skywalker? Is this teasing a connection between Snoke and Palpatine?
    • This is the first time we establish that Snoke is powerful with the Force. Up to this point he could have been a Tarkin-esque character; not actually Sith but "Sith-adjacent".
  • Snoke to Kylo Ren: he has "too much of his father's heart".
    • Why not his mother's heart? Star Wars is always about fathers and sons.
    • Han Solo is not an especially big-hearted character (to say the least).
  • Why is Snoke's room red? Does it follow his moods, like a mood room? Mentioned: "The Wiz".
    • Are there different colored guards for every color of room?
    • Since the guards and the room are both red, they must be awfully hard to see and you might forget they were there.
    • Maybe there's one Snoke clone for every color of the rainbow.
  • We like Snoke, but we like that he gets killed halfway through the movie. Because we like Adam Driver better, and everyone knows it. It's a foregone conclusion that Snoke has to die at some point, so better to kill him now and save us some time.
  • The character design of Snoke.
    • The character is 100% in the performance and Andy Serkis is awesome as Snoke.
    • But why did they make him CGI when an actor in makeup or puppet would have done just fine? It's like they went to the store and came home with Andy Serkis, so they had to figure out what to do with him.
  • The porg fact for today isn't actually about porgs, it's about the blue and the green milk at Galaxy's Edge ("Star Wars land")
    • According to Pete, if you mix them together it's its own drink called a Sebulba! (kind of like an Arnold Palmer here on Earth).
      • Callback to when Stars Wars Minute went to Galaxy's Edge For Life day. It does actually taste good (not that that has anything to do with it). Ask your bartender next time you go so they can look at you funny and then insist you mix it yourself.
    • They also sell porg nuggets there. Right next to where they sell in-canon porgs that you're supposed to adopt. It's like a pet store selling parakeets on one side and chicken nuggets on the other.
      • Fortunately, they were all made from evil criminal porgs who were jerks (so they deserved it).
      • The 1950s café (Mom's Diner) at Disney.
  • Star Wars is supposed to be weird, and so we like this movie because it's weird.
  • Follow the Loudest Podcast on YouTube. Kids these days only know about podcasts through YouTube.

Meta Minute

  • 37:05 podcast episode length.
  • Mighty Blasters™ is the name of an air-powered kids' ball shooter made by Little Tikes®.
  • "Troops" of cub scouts are called packs.
  • If so inclined, you can learn more about the meme surrounding the beverage/bathroom habits of Bear Grylls here.


  • Pete: (as Qui-Gon) Oh I'm taking your son with me. I know I just met you yesterday but I'm taking your son.
  • Asterios: (in mocking voice as Snoke breaking the 4th wall) ...Isn't that something you're mad about, audience? Well now a bad guy is saying it!
  • Sirancha: (teasingly) Nice lightsaber... for a girl!
  • Sirancha: This episode is sponsored by "OP Ocean Breeze cranberry juice cocktail" Asterios: That sounds like a weird knock-off of Ocean Spray that you get at a weird bodega at 2:00 in the morning. [...] Alex: I'm just picturing you in the shower rubbing cranberry juice into your hair.
  • Pete:...all that being said, I wouldn't trade the Sith chimp for anything.
  • Pete: (doing a kid's magic show trick) What's that behind your ear? Sith lightning.
  • Asterios:'s like vanilla Palpatine. Sirancha: It's like Palpatine but as an earthworm. Asterios: It's like earthworm Palpatine.
  • Asterios: the nerds like the full Serkis.
  • Sirancha: the blue [milk] tastes like cotton candy and the green one taste like algae. Scum from a pond.
  • Sirancha: I hope [the crime committed by the porgs] was murder [...] Alex: Oh, were that it were only murder.
  • Asterios: Hey what's everyone's favorite thing from Star Wars 9? Let's all name it on 3. 1, 2, 3! <simultaneously with Alex> That little technician guy— Alex: —Babu Frik— <not quite in sync> Pete: [...] "Serpent! Serpent!" *deflated* oh.


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