Last Jedi Minute 1: Decimated

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This Space Bear emblazoned crew hats during the filming of The Last Jedi.


February 1st, 2021


Alex and Pete begin their coverage of Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi





  • Starts off with a black pre-logo void, symbolic of the emptiness we all want to fill with Star Wars.
  • Ends with the opening crawl. Leia is certain that Jedi Master Luke Skywalker will—.


  • Plugs at the top of the show.
    • Since recording is remote, the podcast is also a video podcast on YouTube.
  • If you watch this movie on Disney+ you get the chrome flashing Star Wars branding but you don't get that if you're watching the Blu-rays.
    • The minutes will be out of sync in future versions. Mentioned: starting over.
  • Just like in Empire Strikes Back, in the last movie we thought the good guys won but turns out that didn't matter much.
  • Mentioned future Star Wars films, Rogue Squadron.
  • What does it mean that "the First Order Reigns"?
    • Guess we need to read the ancillary material.
    • Pete is reading The Last Jedi novelization.
    • We didn't know the behind-the-scenes politics in the Original Trilogy either, and when Lucas filled it in for the Prequels people complained.
  • The Last Jedi screenplay at the Academy Awards library.
  • Deleted scenes and commentary on Disney+.
    • It's galling that they spent so much money and effort on things cut out of the movie or that you only see for a second.
    • But we supposed it's better than the alternative.
  • Roman numerals in movie titles/Super Bowls/Motion picture copyrights.
  • Memories of seeing the movie for the first time.
    • Alex and Pete didn't see it together. Pete saw it with Ella, Damon, Boo, and Miike with two I's.
    • They both recorded their hot takes (available on Patreon).
  • Two words in the crawl that are distinctly Roman in origin, and used to have very specific meanings but now are used very generally:
    • Decimated.
      • Nerd grammatical quibbles over the meaning of the word.
      • Referenced: the "Battlestar Galactica" reboot.
    • (Same sentence) Legions.
  • The working (camouflage) title was "Space Bear".
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Meta Minute

  • 28:38 podcast episode length.
  • This marks the end of the longest ever hiatus.
  • When this episode was posted, it had the wrong movie name and episode number.
  • This is the first time on the main show that Alex has mentioned his new web domain.
  • $11 million (the budget for Star Wars) is equivalent to about $48 million in 2017 (when The Last Jedi was released). Taking the average estimated budget for TLJ, you could make just over 5 ANHs for the price of one TLJ.
  • This movie uses Arabic numerals (not Roman numerals) for the copyright year.


  • Pete: This is going to lead to some discussion. Alex: one would hope.
  • Pete: (Re: "Star Wars: The Bad Batch") that's another thing we don't know anything about.



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