Last Jedi Minute 20: Rock Pigeons

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February 26th, 2021


Guest commentators Asterios Kokkinos & Sirancha spark a debate about whether Kylo's helmet is totally excellent or ridiculous excrement!


Asterios Kokkinos and Sirancha



  • Starts with Snoke thinking that Kylo Ren would be the one to snuff it out, and ends with Rey telling Luke that there's no light left in Kylo Ren (so I guess he did snuff it out).


  • Snoke is continuing to be verbally abusive toward Kylo Ren.
    • Despite being the guy that killed Han Solo (one of our favorite characters) we actually do feel a little sorry for Kylo Ren (thanks a lot, Rian).
    • The running theme that the First Order is like the world's worst office.
      • They probably all talk about Kylo Ren behind his back. There's a betting pool to determine when he's going to throw his next tantrum.
      • Or anytime anybody breaks something they can blame Kylo Ren (he's the "not me").
  • Elevators are in every Star Wars, except for The Force Awakens (see below).
    • Instead, TFA has ladders.
  • How old Adam Driver was when filming this vs. how old Hayden Christiansen was when he first played Anakin. Regardless of his exact age, he's not a 'child'.
    • Looking forward to the still upcoming Obi-Wan series as a chance to redeem Hayden Christiansen, Jake Lloyd, et al.
    • What if the situations had been reversed where Christiansen was more mature when we first met him (and and Driver was only 23)?
      • Adam Driver's filmography. He kind of started out at the top (he didn't have far to climb).
  • Sirancha loves porgs but does not like baby Yoda (because everybody else does). Referenced: baby Yoda getting punched for ten hours.
    • Baby Yoda eating many creatures and eggs. Could he eat a porg/porglet/porg egg?
      • Porglets are disgusting-looking. The only thing that looks uglier as a baby is birds, and porgs are no exception.
  • Porgs seem like they shouldn't be able to fly. Or really swim all that well.
  • Today's porg fact is that they know how to use tools [citation needed]. Final porg fact from Sirancha: the collective noun for porgs is a murder of porgs (note: see below).
    • Alternative notions for the collective name of a group of porgs.
  • Alex's final porg facts: porgs were Alex's final porg facts: porgs were retconned into TFA since we do see birds flying around.
  • Porgs are like pigeons in that they're not great fliers but they sneak aboard ships or get traded/smuggled around everywhere.
  • Last porg fact: the porgs thought that when Rey called Chewbacca "Chewie", she meant "chewy" and she was describing him. I guess porgs speak English? Is that canon?
    • Luke probably taught them.
    • Referenced: Tik-Tok of Oz
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Meta Minute

  • 28:05 podcast episode length.
  • We are now only 1/8th the way through this movie (12.5%).

Elevators in Star Wars

Movie Elevator(s) 
Star Wars Going to the detention block.
The Empire Strikes Back On Cloud City (several examples).
Return of the Jedi The Emperor's throne room on the Death Star
The Phantom Menace Artoo rides an elevator from the engineering room to the outside of the ship when the Naboo starship is trying to run the blockade. Also, Qui-Gon and the gang watch the Podrace from a platform that raises and lowers.
Attack of the Clones When we first meet adult Anakin on the way up to Padmé's apartment.
Revenge of the Sith Elevator hijinks!
Rogue One Novelization only, though apparently that thing that Cassian, Jyn, and K2 ride in is a combination tram-elevator that takes you into the Citadel Tower on Scarif.
The Last Jedi The elevator that goes to Snoke's red throne room.
Solo Novelization only

Other Meta notes

  • A group of puffins is called a 'circus'. Other names include a colony, a puffinry, a burrow, a gathering, or an improbability. A group of pugs is called a 'grumble'. And a group of noisy parrots is a pandemonium.
  • Rock doves (also called rock pigeons) are native to North Africa Europe and Western Asia. They were domesticated as early as 5,000 years ago (perhaps the first domesticated birds) and the feral pigeons you see in most major cities around the world are descended from these.
    • This is the second time this week that pigeons have come up. The first was Minute 16.
  • The feral parrot species found in the San Gabriel Valley (including the area surrounding Pasadena) is the Red-masked parakeet. The parakeets found in the the Brooklyn Cemetery are Monk parakeets. Their feces are less damaging to the antique brownstone of the cemetery than those of the pigeons with whom they compete for nesting sites, and thus the parakeets are helping to preserve the structures.
  • Tik-Tok of Oz is the 8th (of 14) Land of Oz books.


  • Pete:analyze scrutinize and First Order officer side-eyes...
  • Asterios: Put the Ewoks in it and fill it up with losers.
  • Asterios: (quoting Sirancha, or so he claims) "I've changed my mind on baby Yoda. I love baby Yoda now". Sirancha: That sounds like hearsay.
  • Asterios: [Porglets] look like po' boy... orbs. Sirancha: What do you think a po' boy is?
  • Sirancha: Porgs are little stubby nubbins. Pete: (repeating in cutesy voice) Powgs aw widdle stubby nubbins.
  • Pete: All birds are evil.
  • Sirancha: Yeah, I'd die by a murder of porgs. That's fine.
  • Asterios and Alex: *dueling Cryptkeeper impressions* Pete: I don't have a good pun or a good Cryptkeeper [sic] impersonation.
  • Pete: In the 60's it was all "folk pigeons" but then Dylan went electric.
  • Asterios: In closing, porgs are a representation of all that's good about the Light side of the Force.
  • Asterios: Their job is to be round, and they [porgs] do their jobs very well.


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