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*'''Alex:''' (as [[Accents|Liverpudlian]] Obi-Wan) Well since your aunt and uncle are dead already we might as well...
*'''Alex:''' (as [[Accents#Alex Robinson as Alec Guinness|Liverpudlian]] Obi-Wan) Well since your aunt and uncle are dead already we might as well...
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{{EpisodeFooter|The Last Jedi|21}}

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March 1st, 2021


Chris Radtke is back as guest commentator despite Luke Skywalker’s repeated pleas to get off his lawn!


Chris Radtke



  • Starts with Rey telling Luke that the First Order is only getting stronger, and ends with Rey following Luke as he goes about his "day in the life" on Ahch-To.


  • Now Pete has to buy StarWarsCity.fun.
  • Radtke is in the Josh Flanagan Memorial Lounge (Josh got the naming rights this season).
  • Radtke is extremely pro-hermit Luke:
    • From a story perspective it's a curveball.
    • Mark Hamill is not a great actor. He's an exceptional voice actor but not a great actor in front of the camera.
      • Mark Hamill's post-Jedi career.
    • So we weren't going to get "Luke Skywalker, grizzled battle hero" or "stoic knight and wise leader". Referenced: Ham Salad from Hardware Wars.
      • He just doesn't have the gravitas to deliver the the Luke we thought he would be, so instead we get 'weird dumpster guy'.
      • Playing to his strengths of actor. If he had been "Luke Skywalker of Skywalker Castle" it wouldn't have been as good.
      • Mark Hamill is at the top of his weirdo game delivering a great weirdo performance.
  • The map to Luke Skywalker literally leading to behind the Safeway.
Before the movie came out, Radke's wife bought him the Luke Skywalker figure from this movie and there was no lightsaber. His friend who is a film critic went to an advance screening and Radtke asked him if Luke wields his lightsaber at any point. When his friend couldn't give him a straight answer, he knew his expectations were going to be undermined.
This is not Josh's Luke, but our Luke is different. Luke in Return of the Jedi never seen fully comfortable with that power over that responsibility; he's still the farm boy so it makes sense this is where his character would go. Radtke would have loved to see Luke Skywalker of Skywalker Castle but that's not we're going to get with this actor. Plus, Radtke's an old man now too and so he understands that you're not the same person you were when you were 18.
  • Luke, Yoda, and Obi-Wan – all Jedi Masters who at one point or another considered themselves failures and had to go into hiding – but they handle retirement in different ways.
    • Obi-Wan was all too eager to get back into the game.

Meta Minute

  • 30:14 podcast episode length.
  • Pete totally did buy http://starwarscity.fun.
  • Since the filming location for Ahch-To is Skellig Michael, Republic of Ireland, the closest Safeway grocery store to Ahch-To is located in Newark, Deleware.


  • Alex: (as Liverpudlian Obi-Wan) Well since your aunt and uncle are dead already we might as well...


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