Last Jedi Minute 22: Skywalker's Thala Sea Siren Sow

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March 2nd, 2021


Luke Skywalker's Got Milk and we’ve got guest commentator Chris Radtke!


Chris Radtke



  • Starts with Rey climbing the mountain and ends with Luke getting the hook.


  • Mentioned: Ghoooooel, The Islanders' #22 (Mike Bossy).
  • This is the minute that made Chris pick this week of minutes. Although he's an Original Trilogy guy, if you were to ask him what his top two Star Wars minutes are:
    • The first would be Palpatine's Darth Plagueis monologue.
    • The second would be this minute.
    • He likes them for their strong character development.
  • Making a tongue twister out of the name of this creature: Skywalker's Thala-sea-Siren sow.
  • Luke has been giving Rey the silent treatment all day. But in a "showing off" kind of way. He's trying to shock her into leaving him alone.
  • Is the sea siren sentient? That changes things considerably!
  • Luke's sports bottle. Mentioned: Freddy Got Fingered.
  • This minute is the turning point where now we fully realize that Luke is the crazy old hermit; nobody who is ok does what Luke just did.
    • Regardless of whether or not he's doing this as a performance for the benefit of Rey, he's got real trauma he's dealing with. Referenced: biting the head off a bat (note: see below).
  • Spending millions of dollars and person-hours on a puppet that's on screen for less than a minute.
    • Pathological obsession with practical effects.
    • Mentioned: Favreau thunderdome
    • The two puppeteers were basically locked in there.
  • Mentioned: Sebulba (the drink). It's like a space Arnold Palmer.
  • Pete's aversion to tentacle monsters.
    • Disney loves their tentacle monsters, but this one has flippers, not tentacles so it doesn't count
  • Mike Strick sculpture of the Thala-siren wearing slave Leia outfit.
  • When we first see Luke his metal hand was exposed, but now he put his glove back on. Why?
    • Specifically for milking?
    • Or because he's got company.
  • Nerdist's April Fools' behind-the-scenes "making of" video.
  • Who is Rey to judge Luke? She's been raised on ultra-processed food, so anybody eating anything natural offends her.
    • Palpatine as the indulgent grandpa. Mentioned: Hansel and Gretel.
  • The "bigger fish" (note: see Meta Minute below)
  • A lot of what we see Luke do is remarkable considering he's cut himself off from the Force.
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Meta Minute

  • 26:18 podcast episode length.
  • It's a common misconception that Alice Cooper was the one who bit the head off a bat, but it was actually Ozzy Osborne (though apparently people still get them mixed up all the time).
  • In a previous Radtke appearance, the hosts also discussed the Sith preference for unnatural things and flavors (including blue raspberry).
  • You probably don't remember Frookies, but they were cookies sweetened with fruit juice[1].
  • The sea monster doesn't have a name and is simply listed in Wookieepedia as Unidentified Ahch-To sea creature (but don't bother reading the article, that's pretty much all it says).


  • Pete: Off to the crags with you!
  • Alex: (reproachfully, as the Thala-siren) You could buy a lady dinner first! Pete: What're you staring at, dollface? Radtke: It's a living!
  • Radtke: [Luke is] like "Penn Station waiting room at 3:30 in the morning 'cause you missed the 1:00 train" [...] and it's a guy who definitely has the trauma [...] and who's definitely got some real real problems, but he also knows the audience is really susceptible too, so there's the dialing it up.
  • Alex: (as Rey but in goofy highfalutin English accent) My word! He has the manners of a womp rat!
  • Alex: (paraphrasing the Darth Plagueis monologue) Have you ever heard the benefits of living on portion bread?
  • Radtke: From the makers of Lunchables™, it's Portion Bread!
  • Pete: What about the Droid attack on the frookies?


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