Last Jedi Minute 23: The Amazing Gum-Stick

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March 3rd, 2021


Guest commentator and fish-head Chris Radtke is here for the return of the Jedi to his hut on Ach-too [Ahch-To]!


Chris Radtke



  • Starts with Luke getting ready to spear a fish at ends with Rey being called by (what we assume is) a magic tree.
  • The first time we've seen someone in Star Wars go fishing, other than other fish.


  • Why aren't Jedi vegetarians (like some Buddhists)? Or are they?
    • Is Luke eating fish meat because he had lost his connection with the Force?
  • Luke's fishing spear: did he invent it or was it there when he got there? Mentioned: the kid from Stephen King's It who "invented" the amazing gumstick.

Meta Minute

  • 29:23 podcast episode length.


  • Alex: Another day, another dollar. Pete: Have you been giving Chris a dollar?!
  • Pete (rudely, as the fish) Hey Skywalker! Eat me!


Audio only

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