Last Jedi Minute 23: The Amazing Gum-Stick

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March 3rd, 2021


Guest commentator and fish-head Chris Radtke is here for the return of the Jedi to his hut on Ach-too [Ahch-To]!


Chris Radtke



  • Starts with Luke getting ready to spear a fish and ends with Rey being called by (what we assume is) a magic tree.
  • The first time we've seen someone in Star Wars go fishing, other than other fish.


  • Why aren't Jedi vegetarians (like some Buddhists)? Or are they?
    • Is Luke eating fish meat because he had lost his connection with the Force?
  • Luke's fishing spear: did he invent it or was it there when he got there? Mentioned: the kid from Stephen King's It who "invented" the amazing gumstick.
    • So, once he's spears it, how does he get the fish back up the (like, 50-foot) cliff? It's like when you're eating with chopsticks for the first time.
  • Can Luke Skywalker swim? It was part of the of the Rebel Alliance physical fitness test he had to pass.
  • What if Luke slipped off the pole and just died right here? Rey would have to make up a better story about why Luke didn't come back with her.
    • Maybe she could use this to her advantage.

Meta Minute

  • 29:23 podcast episode length.
  • There is a Wookieepedia entry for "{{{2}}}" but there is no mention of the dietary customs of the Jedi. However, we know that some species are obligate carnivores, including the Zabrak, and since there were Zabrak Jedi (such as Agen Kolar and Eeth Koth), that means that at least some Jedi ate meat.


  • Alex: Another day, another dollar. Pete: Have you been giving Chris a dollar?!
  • Pete: (rudely, as the fish) Hey Skywalker! Eat me!


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