Last Jedi Minute 24: Trees

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March 4th, 2021


Our first look at the sacred Jedi texts required we book Chris Radtke as our guest commentator!


Chris Radtke



  • Starts with Luke being surprised to see Rey being called by the Force, and ends with Rey saying she knows this place.
  • First appearance of the Temple Island Magic Tree.
  • First books to appear in the Star Wars movies.


  • People in movies always seem to react with terror when they hear vaguely sinister whispers (as opposed to just plain curiosity).
  • The tree itself is the first Jedi Temple.
    • Mentioned: Barada is Détente. Referenced: Ric Olié
    • It is a Uneti tree
      • Chirrut Îmwe's staff is also made of Uneti tree wood.
      • Uneti®, the official tree of the Jedi Order™.
    • The role of trees in different pop culture properties
    • The Jedi on Coruscant being so far removed from their roots.
  • Luke asks Rey "Who are you?" This is the central idea of her character in Johnson's vision; who she is doesn't matter, it's not all about bloodlines. But then J. J. walked back on that.
  • Considering they must be so old, how could you possibly know that this is the first Jedi temple and the original Jedi texts?
    • Maybe this is a haunted house that Luke set up last night.
  • Once Rey stops paying attention to Luke and starts following the call of the tree, Luke follows after her (showing that he definitely is doing this for attention).
    • Luke having an antagonistic relationship with the tree.
  • It's weird to keep books (made from paper) inside of a tree. Maybe it's Uneti wood paper.
  • If a young person showed up at your door asking to be your apprentice what would your reaction be?
    • Chris would embrace it as he has in the past. Mentioned: "Street The Retailer".
    • Stories about Alex's comic book interns.
    • Luke's nightmare is that a young person shows up at his door claiming to be the new chosen one asked me to be trained,and he says as much.
    • Mentioned Baby Yoda and his continuing Adventures. Referenced: Gary Coleman in the Edmonton Oilers locker room.
  • Other times they say "who are you?" in Star Wars (note: see below)?
  • The Wikipedia article about pop culture references to Star Wars.
    • Examples from "A.L.F.," "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", "Roseanne" and "Knight Rider".
    • Radtke asks the guys what their favorite Star Wars references in non-Star Wars things are. Mentioned: the Shockmaster
      • How people forgot about the Jedi between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. Referenced: the Dark Ages.
      • For Alex, it's Bill Murray's Star Wars Lounge song and the guy who said the titular line in Star Wars as well as "go see a star war" from "Arrested Development".

Meta Minute

  • 27:19 podcast episode length.
  • Speaking of being "haunted by a Jawa", the "Jawa ghost" is a bit of a running joke on the Indiana Jones Minute.
  • One notable example of someone in Star Wars saying "Who are you?" is from the trailer for Force Awakens, but not the film itself. User:TheDorkSideOfTheFarce posted a couple more examples to the SWMLS message board.
  • The question of "what's your favorite reference to Star Wars in a non-Star Wars context has come up before, most notably in a Jek Porkins Memorial Sexology on an episode of SWM:WE.


  • Radtke: (as Obi-Wan) —but look I've got a sand igloo.


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