Last Jedi Minute 25: The Famous Original Jedi Texts

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March 5th, 2021


We wrap the week up with guest commentator Chris Radtke but Luke Skywalker seems eager to split too!


Chris Radtke



  • Starts with Luke telling Rey that the Jedi Temple was built a thousand

years generations ago and ends with Luke asking Rey why she's here at the Jedi Temple that was built over a thousand Generations ago.


  • The famous original Jedi texts. Referenced: Ray's Pizza.
    • Luke and the original Jedi texts is like a nerd with their obscure collectibles. The family friends from whom Pete used to rent his old apartment in Brooklyn turned out to be have one of the finest collections in the world of a very specific type of ceramic figurines that for the people who are into them, they're really into them. Pete is used to being the nerd on the other side of that.
      • Seeing bands as the opening act for other bands before they became really big themselves.
    • Three titles: two from the TLJ novelization (note: see below) – The Aionomica and the Rammahgon (written by Kli the Elder). Referenced (again): Fleetwood Mac.
      • The Last is The Chronicles of Brus-bu.
        • Rey learned to rebuild Anakin's old lightsaber by reading that book.
      • Who decided that these made the cut? Are there any apocrypha?
      • Mentioned: Jocasta Nu.
      • Maybe Luke wrote them himself; they're Luke Skywalker Originals. He went to Ahch-To to write his memoirs.
        • Getting ink out of a Squidhead.
    • Speaking of space quills, Rey is from "nowhere". Referenced: Knowwhere (the giant Celestial's head from Marvel Comics)
      • Luke Skywalker (farmboy from Tatooine) dissing Jakku and saying it's pretty much nowhere is like the North Shore of Long Island dissing on the South Shore of Long Island.
    • Now that we have some distance from this movie Chris has really come around on it and it's his favorite sting favorite movie other than the original trilogy. Mark Hamill's complaints about Luke's Arc in this film Radtke quotes bite me all of you.

    The new positive radtke. with absolutely no inflection it is garbage. Lux question changes from who are you to why do they send you (why are you here) parallel to Yoda asking I am wondering why are you here? Pete then Radke then Alex rolling his r's Ramadan. Metro notes next year in Jerusalem. Follow Chris, Stars wars minute, Alex, and Pete on Twitter

    Meta Minute

    • 20:49 podcast episode length.
    • More on the Sacred Jedi Texts:
      • According to Wookieepedia, the guys missed one of the texts (Poetics of a Jedi).
      • 'Aionomica' is plural and made of two separate Aionomicon volumes.
      • The Chronicles of Brus-bu details how to use a version of "Force-healing" to repair broken lightsabers.
      • Also interesting to note: uneti-wood is listed as one of the materials that the sacred texts are made from.
  • Pete is from the North Shore, but since Long Island is so narrow north to south, the South Shore is only about 25 miles away, a pretty insignificant distance to an outside observer.


  • Pete: Here are all my Greedos.
  • Pete: Rammahgon. Alex: Rrrrrrrammahgon.
  • Pete: Go get the bruzzbru [sic], we're going to build a green one this time.
  • Pete: Fisto, Kit.
  • Peep: I got a nib from Ishi-Tib.


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