Last Jedi Minute 26: Back to Ahch-To

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March 8th, 2021


Luke says it's time for the Jedi to end but since John Kovalic is our guest commentator All-Star week is just beginning!


John Kovalic



  • Starts with Rey quietly standing in front of the cave mouth, and ends with Luke quietly standing in front of the cave mouth.
  • The trailer line "it's time for the Jedi to end" is heard in this minute.


  • Welcome back John "Mr. All star" Kovalic!
    • This is one of only a handful of appearances of his that had dialogue in the minutes.
  • Luke pursued Jedi knowledge because he wanted to have an adventure, and Anakin wanted to be powerful and stop people from dying, whereas Rey just wants to understand what's happening to her.
    • In the original movie, the Force was more something that you could learn about rather than just something you either had or you didn't have, but then subsequent movies strayed from this. This movie feels like a return to that earlier concept.
  • They never say the name of the planet in this movie. Other planets and names and species that we never hear the names of.
  • Who cuts Luke's hair? The caretakers?
    • Does Luke have his green lightsaber with him?
  • Rey's line "I've seen your daily routine, you're not busy" is even more appropriate in 2020–21.
  • John's general thoughts on this movie and the other Disney era films.
    • John first saw this movie when his wife and daughter (former guest of the show) were out of town and enjoyed it and was surprised in the ways that he enjoyed it.
    • Michael Gipsen (shuttle pilot for Kylo Ren) played King George III in original London cast of "Hamilton". John is a former English subject (he was born in Manchester) but he can't do the accent anymore because he moved around all his life.
  • The trailer line "it's time for the Jedi to end".
  • The literary composition of this shot.
  • Luke uses very precise language "I will not train another generation of Jedi"; apparently training just one Jedi doesn't count.
  • How well different special effects age. Going back and fixing effects as the technology improves.
    • Referenced 99 Problems.
  • Telling Star Wars jokes. What did Han Solo say when he tasted The Wookiee cookie? [Spoilers] it's a little chewy.
  • Luke Echoes Kylo Ren in the forest on Starkiller base: "You need a teacher". But he finishes it with "...and I'm not it"
  • The trailers misdirecting you for the actual movie.
    • Per Alex: the ideal world would be you saw the original Star Wars movie but from then on you only saw trailers for things, not the actual movies, then all you'd have is your imagination telling you how awesome the movies might be and you'd never be disappointed. Referenced: the Phantom Menace trailer, zenimation.
  • Seeing the events of these movies literally from another point of view.
  • Naming other ships after all the people who died in Rogue One.
  • Luke is almost always either whiny or cranky.
  • Luke's sitcom line is going to Toche station to pick up some power converters.
  • The Last Jedi was the third movie in 3 years, and Solo was not even a year after that. At the time of this recording, there were no new Star Wars movies upcoming, which is weird. John feels like an idiot nerf-herder moof milker for missing Solo on the big screen but has seen it many times on the small screen.
    • When the guys first started this podcast, they had no definite plans do the other movies and now, here we are many years on, looking towards the future.
  • John provides a totally organic segue to plugging the patreon. He is a proud Patron.
  • John saw this movie probably four or five times in the theaters which is the most he's seen of any movie in theater since the 90s

Meta Minute

  • 39:21 podcast episode length.
  • The app that Pete uses to split the minutes is called SplitFuse.
  • Tony comes in a little earlier this time as we get to hear more of the closing theme than usual.


  • Alex: Luke in the hole. Pete: Luke in the hole!
  • John: going back to my daughter... Alex: See you later!
  • Alex: 97 Jabbas? That's a lot of Jabbas! Pete: Ayyy that's a lot of Jabbas.
  • Pete: If Hulk Hogan can turn evil, anybody can turn evil.


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