Last Jedi Minute 26: Back to Ahch-To

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March 8th, 2021


Luke says it’s time for the Jedi to end but since John Kovalic is our guest commentator All-Star week is just beginning!


John Kovalic



  • Starts with Rey quietly standing in front of the cave mouth, and ends with Luke quietly standing in front of the cave mouth.


  • Welcome back John "Mr. All star" Kovalic!
    • This is one of only a handful of appearances of his that had dialogue in the minutes.
  • Luke pursued Jedi knowledge because he wanted to have an adventure, and Anakin wanted to be powerful and stop people from dying, whereas Rey just wants to understand what's happening to her.
    • In the original movie, the Force was more something that you could learn about rather than just something you either had or you didn't have, but then subsequent movies strayed from this. This movie feels like a return to that earlier concept.
  • They never say the name of the planet in this movie. Other planets and names and species that we never hear the names of.
  • Who cuts Luke's hair? The caretakers?
    • Does Luke have his green lightsaber with him?
  • Rey's line "I've seen your daily routine, you're not busy" is even more appropriate in 2020–21.
  • John first saw this when his wife and daughter (former guest the show) were out of town and enjoyed it and was surprised in the ways that he enjoyed it.
    • John's general thoughts on this movie and the other Disney era films.

Meta Minute

  • 39:21 podcast episode length.



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