Last Jedi Minute 27: The Case of the Rattling Water Bottle

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March 9th, 2021


The Raddus drops out of light speed to find they have company — the First Order and All-Star guest commentator Jenna Busch!


Jenna Busch



  • Starts with Luke leaving the Magic Tree (and the sacred text therein) and ends with FN-2187 asking how Rey will find them now?!
  • BB-4 appears in this minute.
    • The Aurebesh writing on BB-4 seems to not seem to mean anything in English.


  • Extensive discussion of Leia's Hydro Flask
    • On real boats that have kitchens there are hydraulics that allow heavy equipment like stoves to sway with the waves so they don't rattle, but when the Raddus drops out of hyperspace everything rattles. You'd think giving all their other technology they'd at least have cup holders on their ships.
    • The case of the rattling water bottle.
    • Reference to the "Star Trek shake".
    • Those water bottles that look like regular plastic ones but are re-usable because they're made of metal that they sell.
    • Just before this, Luke drinks the green milk out of his Hydro Flask. Maybe it's part of a "twin" set with Leia's.
  • From the cut to Leia we can tell that she's obviously feeling something heavy.
    • It makes us sad to see Leia distressed because we think about Carrie Fisher's passing.
    • She's more connected to the Force now than she ever was before.
      • She's probably not feeling Luke's presence because he cut himself off from the Force, but maybe she's feeling Rey's.
      • She's very empathic and connected to everyone around her. Mentioned: BoShek.
  • Leia slaps Poe in the face. Sexual tension between Poe and Leia? Leia slaps Poe in the face. Sexual tension between Poe and Leia?
    • Maybe slapping is part of the official demotion process. Referenced: "slap out of it" (Moonstruck).
    • Oscar Isaac goes through a whole emotional monologue on his face in about 2 seconds.
  • In the past they had Carrie Fisher do punch up on some of the lines and dialogue. Was that the case for this movie or did they write with her in mind? Either way it fits.
  • When it comes to the military, if you die you're automatically a hero but if you live, sometimes you have to deal with the consequences of that.
  • Other slaps in Star Wars?
    • Referenced: Jurassic Park.
    • The internet can't agree on how many takes it took of her slapping him. Mentioned: Star Wars slap bracelets ad. One of the hits in the Google search for "Star Wars slap" is Star Wars Minute Force Awakens Minute 60: Slap on the Face.
  • Finn interrupts a board meeting to ask where his friend is.
    • His excessive(?) concern for Rey.
    • Finn's arc: his main drive is looking out for Rey, and to a lesser extent, himself. He's wrapped up in this by accident; he's not in it for the revolution yet.
      • Didn't he establishes loyalty through the Resistance in the last movie and then here we are at the start this movie and he's back to square one? Comparison with Han Solo's arc in the first two movies.
    • We wish we had more Finn in these movies. It's almost like a throwback to the way they used to do female characters, where their only interest is a guy; they're just part of the romantic storyline, not the main plot of the movie. Mentioned: the Bechdel test.
    • We'd rather have all characters be well-fleshed out.
  • There are a lot of BB units rolling around the deck of the Raddus. They're the perfect height to trip over.
    • Why don't they cover the droids in something soft so you don't banyan's don't hurt yourself when you bang into them? Like a plastic wrap on an old Italian ladies sofa. Referenced: Big Hero 6.
  • The shot of the Raddus coming out of hyperspace is reminiscent of in Titanic when they shoot the flare up and this gigantic boat looks tiny against the massive ocean.
  • Who does Leia's hair aboard the Raddus? Jenn always does different Leia hairstyles for all the rear she goes to.
  • Plugs for Jenna's Star Wars-related and non-Star Wars-related projects.

Meta Minute

  • 34:36 podcast episode length.
  • The kitchen on a boat is called the galley.
  • At the time this movie came out, Carrie Fisher was 61 and Oscar Isaac was 38, whereas Poe Dameron (who was born in 2 ABY) was 32 at the time of the events of this movie and Leia was 53. So, going by the rule that it's ok to date someone so long as they are at least half your age plus 7 years, Carrie Fisher could have dated Oscar Isaac, but Leia could not have dated Poe Dameron without it being socially unacceptable.
  • The line that Alex is thinking of is "When did that ever help? And don't say the Death Star." According to an interview that she did with the AV Club, Carrie Fisher stopped working as a "script doctor" in the early 2000s, so it is unlikely she did any punch-up for this film.
  • We're not sure if this counts as a slap, but according to the Marvel comic, Chewbacca "thlapped" our dear fried Pol Treidum across the room.
  • Titanic is one of Pete's well-known cultural blind spots.


  • Pete: No matter what you do, people are going to get angry at you.
  • Pete (plaintively) I had to go, Why am I a bad dog?
  • Jenna: I feel like [Kylo Ren] is a slapper.
  • Pete: <singing> Talking 'bout robots!
  • Alex: Now there are two-BB-2 of them!
  • Pete: He's half as good as BB-8. He knows it.


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