Last Jedi Minute 28: Space Tourists

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March 10th, 2021


All-Star guest commentator Tierney Steele is here from the net to carp about fin, ray & the rest of the grouper if it gills her!


Tierney Steele



  • Starts with Leia revealing her cloaked binary beacon and ends with Finn saying if they jump again they'll just be out of fuel and realizing they're in a tight spot.
  • First time we met {{{2}}}.
  • First appearance of Unidentified female Resistance monitor.
    • Mikayla Cole ("I May Destroy You", "Black Mirror"). More of a cameo than a working actor bit part.
  • Admiral Ackbar appears in this minute.


  • Tierney did not pick a franchise for her Movies by Minutes podcasts, and so she has done 7 different movies (working on an 8th) (to her folly, but our enjoyment).
  • Larma D'Acy.
    • Played by Amanda Lawrence and named for Rian Johnson's friends Dan and Stacy.
    • "Larma" kind of seems like it might be tuckerized from Amanda Lawrence.
    • If you're the one writing a star wars script, there must be tremendous pressure from your Star Wars fan friends to include them in the movie.
  • If Tierney were an extra in a Star War, she'd totally go X-wing pilot.
    • Alex would want to be in a cantina scene so he could see all the funny creatures. He'd need to be a Space Tourist so he could ooh and Ahh and it wouldn't be out of place.
  • All the unnamed characters seem to be monitors instead of officers. What this says about the structure of the Resistance (or lack thereof).
  • Why they can't transmit the signal from the ship why they need a planet or base. Something something servers something.
  • Fuel has been talked about before, but this is the first time where we were in danger of running out of it.
    • he slow car chase in space feels like a recycled "Voyager" or "Battlestar Galactica" plot line.
    • Referenced: the cut Anchorhead scene (Biggs: probably a freighter tanker refueling).
  • On first viewing, a lot of this went completely over Tierney's head, but the more she watches it the more it rises in her esteem.
  • The Raddus being in danger of running out of fuel is a parallel to the Millennium Falcon hyperdrive not working.
  • With Empire, it took people and critics a long time to come around to "get hip" to liking the movie, and maybe the same thing is happening here.
  • Admiral Ackbar has been reduced to just saying proximity alert rather than actually leading any ships. Maybe he also got slapped and demoted (see yesterday's minute).

Meta Minute

  • 37:28 podcast episode length.
  • "It's Dot Fun!" has become a bit of a running joke this season (in the videos at least).
  • We'll actually get to talk to someone in tomorrow's episode who played an X-wing pilot in this movie.


  • Alex: (in nerdy nasally voice) Nngghhhh "Cloaked binary beacon".
  • Alex: Shoot! Got Zuvio'd.
  • Pete: (to Tierney) How's your "screaming and perishing"?
  • Tierney: I'm making you the promise that I will break that promise.
  • Tierney: Dear Lucasfilm: nobody needs that.
  • Pete: (re: Admiral Ackbar) Rather than recast him, they just blew him out the airlock.


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