Last Jedi Minute 30: Barnacles

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March 12th, 2021


Filmunentarian & guest commentator Jamie Benning has some explosive opinions to wrap up All-Star week!


Jamie Benning



  • Starts with Kylo Ren making his attack run and ends with Kylo Ren coming around to make another attack run.
  • The guy next to Ackbar appears to be playing the keyboard.


  • Kylo Ren's TIE Silencer prototype fighter.
    • The complexity of the missile launcher. Originally the missiles were going to just come out of the bottom naturally, but they had to redesign it to match with the toy.
  • The way Kylo Ren spins his fighter is echoes Darth Vader's TIE fighter spinning away at the end of Star Wars.
    • That shot was not mentioned in many of the early screenplays, including in the shooting script. It must have been added later on.
    • Is spinning actually a good trick, does it help you to fight or fly any better?
    • Reference: Iron Man suits. In the future, that's going to seem so dated, unless we actually developed that technology in reality.
  • The hangar on the Raddus is reminiscent of Battlestar Galactica (any one).
    • How come there's no door on the hangar? It leaves them vulnerable to bombing runs. Most spaceships in Star Wars don't have doors, they have just a see-through force field that you enter and leave through.
      • Anakin flies in and attacks from the inside in both The Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith.
  • "Resistance Babies" (à la "Muppet Babies") as the spin-off of this movie.
  • Tallie has quite an internet following considering how little screen time she has. Maybe she's more like a Dak than a Wedge.
  • BB-8 gets decapitated but does not perish
    • Misjudging the use of humor and diffusing any possible tension or seriousness with humor.
    • Where is BB-8's intelligence "stored"? Is it in the head or in the ball?
      • What combination of head and ball and other things would still count as BB-8? Imagined spinoff comic of BB-8 Through the Ages.
  • Poe must not be very popular in the Resistance because he's lying there on the floor injured and everyone runs right past him.
  • Recall that Finn's only motivations are 1) looking after Rey, 2) looking after himself, and 3) looking after his buddy Poe (in that order). It's a side effect of Poe not dying in the first movie.
  • The trope of the "Star Trek" commodore.
  • Callback to the discussion about why Ackbar has the role that he does in the movie and in pop culture. They only put him in because of fan pressure and they put them in the background and didn't have him say very much.
    • On his podcast, Jamie spoke to Nilo Rodis-Jamero who was the creature designer for ROTJ and designed Admiral Ackbar. He also spoke with Tim Rose the puppeteer, who also helped to build the Ackbar puppet and get the eyes to focus right.
    • For the Original Trilogy they had weeks if not months to get the puppet right, but for this movie they didn't have very much time.
    • If they couldn't have him in a major role, they really should have leaned into it and made him all fat with an outdated admiral's uniform.
      • Or maybe you have parasitic fish or barnacles on him.
      • If this was a Marvel movie, they would be far more meta-conscience of him being a meme. More self-aware. Reference: "I'm the juggernaut!"
  • When comparing the Resistance to the original Rebellion, they seemed a lot more panicky are constantly running around. It's like they're evacuating Cloud City. Mentioned: Willrow Hood and his ice cream maker, which we now know is actually a storage device for valuables.
  • Who is in charge of what in this fleet?
  • Pete's beef with visible Shields.
    • Are the shields shrink-wrapped to the ship or in a big bubble? It depends on what era and what type of ship.
  • The overall lesson of Star Wars is that our imaginations come up with a better than what's actually on the screen.
Jamie's TLJ memories
 He saw it as a double feature with TFA. 
 There was a bit of an intermission between the two showings. He went with a buddy and they were optimistic after seeing TFA. Five minutes into the movie he was disappointed as it wasn't what he wanted in a Star Wars sequel. He and his friend spoke about the things they didn't like and then they moved on (rather than engaging in toxic fandom).
 His wife went without him to take the kids to see it.
 He probably won't do a filmumentary for this movie, or for the Prequels (maybe Jurassic Park), but who knows?
  • The Original Trilogy was the pinnacle of miniatures, matte paintings, and practical effects. Then, the Prequels were the pinnacle of all-blue-screen (or green screen) computer-generated filmmaking. And then for this movie, it's amazing how many things that we assumed were CGI were actually practical effects.
    • The new movies are at an amazing synthesis between those two highlights.
    • Disney has been very tight-lipped about what is clearly interesting behind-the-scenes chaos. Compared to "Into the Unknown" which is a warts-and-all "making-of" of Frozen 2.
      • When they'll release the making-of details for these movies.

Meta Minute

  • 49:22 podcast episode length.
  • Although this is Jamie's first appearance on the STAR WARS MINUTE, this is not his first Movies by Minutes podcast, and he's a frequent guest on the Indiana Jones Minute.
  • Wedge had only 2 minutes and 30 seconds (rounded to the nearest quarter minute) of screen time across the entirety of the Original Trilogy, whereas Tallie had 1 minute and 30 seconds, which is greater than Wedge had in any individual movie.


  • Pete: ...analyze, scrutinize, and there's no proof that Stomeroni Starck dies...
  • Alex: Does "lady pilot" Tallie get killed in this [...]? Pete: Oh yes she gets very exploded.
  • Alex: The Disney films are [...] relatively light on dismemberment.
  • Alex: The fighters should fall back (as a hard of hearing Admiral Ackbar) Yes, yes the lighter should call back.
  • Alex: You know those Mon Calamari fingers... They're not good at keyboards.
  • Pete: I'm mixing metaphors here, but while the bus is moving they didn't want to show you how the sausage is made.
  • Jamie: I don't like [the movie], but I love that people love it.


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