Last Jedi Minute 34: Taste the Cuteness

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March 18th, 2021


Chewie finds porgs chewy after porgs find Chewie chewing porgs but guest commentators Suzen Tekla Kruglnska & Joe Dator are still hungry!


Suzen Tekla Kruglnska and Joe Dator



  • Starts with Chewie chowing down on a porg and ends with Luke sitting down on the Falcon.
  • Lucas sneaks on to the Falcon in the background of the shot of Chewie by the fire.


  • Chewie gets interrupted, does he ever get to eat anything?
Suzen's tradition of, whenever food or other consumables are brought up during the movie that she is analyzing, she will make and consume that food. Suzen made her own authentic Chewbacca-style rotisserie porg  and Joe ordered a grilled porg salad from the Porgo Loco that just opened up near him.
 Suzen went to a backroom wet market in Jackson heights in Queens where they have live porg. She got to pick her porg. They give them American-style names and hers was Emily.
 Rotisserie porg is gamy, and grilled porg is moist. And less stringy than Joe expected. It tastes adorable, you can really taste the cuteness. Suzen can also taste the sadness in the eyes that Emily gave her when she selected her. Joe had fake Grogu (grofu) last week that tasted even cuter.

Would You Rather: Food Edition

If you had to eat a plate of one of the following, which would you choose?

  1. A) New York City pigeon, B) New York City squirrel, or C) wild raccoon?
    Suzen and Joe both say pigeon. Reference to the underground dwellers in New York regularly eating pigeons regularly.

    Alex and Joe share their personal experiences with raccoons.

  2. A) Chimpanzee, B) Labrador Retriever, or C) dolphin?
    Even though dolphins are supposed to be as intelligent as apes, it's hard to conceive of, and thus easier to dismiss. Pete has been strictly vegetarian this year, but if he had to choose he'd go squirrel and dolphin.
  3. A) Ed Asner, B) Young Sheldon, or C) Beyoncé?
    You gotta go Young Sheldon because he is young and tender like veal.

More notes

  • The audience is probably tuned out by now because we've been eating on the air, we said the word 'moist', and we're talking about cannibalism.
  • Joe has mentioned this before, but seeing food in movies makes him want to eat that food, it makes him hungry. Other Star Wars food Joe would like to eat include Yoda's weird stew, Rey's alien vegetable (editor's note: it's a kind of broccoli), but porg is the new winner.
  • Joe's porg salad came with some sauce. A blue milk yogurt-based sauce.
    • The sauce tastes a little like ranch dressing, but it's moisture farm instead of ranch. Hidden Valley moisture farm.
    • Where is the galley/kitchen/mess on the Falcon? Callback to Han's little dish.
  • How did Chewie catch and kill the porg?
  • Are the porgs watching Chewie about to eat one of their brethren being compassionate or are they just hungry too?
    • Resting porg face.
    • We assume that they are upset with him but that might not be true.
  • This scene exemplifies Susan's problems with this movie as a whole. It is cartoony and takes it one step too far.
    • Example is the porg taking flight. Callback to the bird remover.
  • Luke using mind tricks on Chewie.
  • Luke on the Falcon has got to be the most depressing shot in all of Star Wars.

Meta Minute

  • 32:25 podcast episode length.
  • The Porgo Loco: Taste the Cuteness shirt is unfortunately no longer available on Teepublic.
  • Pete mentioned in an ad the guys did for Green Chef that he stopped eating meat [in 2021].
    • In the past, Pete has stated that he feels it's hypocritical to eat some animals and not others, and cited horse and dolphin (and other animals that are thought of as being higher in the intelligence scale) as examples of this.
  • Last time Han's "little dish" was brought up, Alex joked it was Princess Leia, this time he's joking that it's Jenny.


  • Pete: (paraphrasing Rey) I had no idea there were that much greens in the whole galaxy. Joe: Assorted greens. I had no idea there was this much assorted greens in the whole galaxy. Alex: Luke Skywalker's sword is green.


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