Last Jedi Minute 38: The Holdo Rebuttal

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March 24th, 2021


Guest commentators Connor Ratliff, Griffin Newman & Patrick Cotnoir are here to behold Holdo telling Poe to slow his roll!


Connor Ratliff, Griffin Newman, and Patrick Cotnoir



  • Starts with everybody leaving the briefing, and ends with Holdo telling Poe that he's dangerous.


  • Recall: the character of C'ai Threnalli was created by accident because they had someone wearing the Ello Asty costume at the end of The Force Awakens despite having shown him get blown up to during the Battle of Starkiller base.
    • He is the only Abednedo not named after a Beastie Boys song.
  • Abednedo are over-represented in the new Canon.
    • The complaint that we don't see members of familiar alien species in the new movies. Also there are too many humans on the Resistance ship and not enough aliens.
    • The balance between fully articulated Nien Nunb-style masks and the Don Post masks that they literally used for The Phantom Menace.
    • Visually distinguishing different members of the same species. Compare to Admiral Raddus and Admiral Ackbar.
    • From the perspective of the creature artists, trying to recreate existing species versus getting to make your own new ones.
  • "Ponda Baba" versus "Walrus Man".
  • Striking the (impossible) balance between expanding the universe and making us feel comfortable with familiar things and feeling more like Star Wars.
  • Alien diversity is restricted to bars and casinos.
  • BB-series droids: BB-9E, BB-4, 2BB-2. Mentioned: Stance socks, Drake in that Sprite commercial.
  • The Sequel trilogy excels at casting snooty British actors.
    • The same-sex kiss in Rise of Skywalker. Callback to the gay porgs.
  • Pete and Griffin both worked at Forbidden Planet in New York City (although not at the same time). Shout-out to Jeff Ayers.
  • The tradition of trying to guess the roles that the preview figures would fill. Mentioned: Ric Olié.
  • The conflict between Poe and Holdo is reminiscent of "The Wire".
    • People are now so defined by their archetypes; Poe wants to be Han Solo so badly that the distrust that Holdo has for him ends up being justified. Referenced: The Big Lebowski.
  • The sexual tension/subtle eroticism between Holdo and Dameron.
  • The administrative B-plot has precedence in previous Star Wars movies dealing with staffing.
    • Poe may think he's the star of his plotline, but Holdo is here in her own movie, in charge of the whole fleet.
    • Laura Dern has screen history over Oscar Isaac, so that is also in play. See also Liam Neeson in Phantom Menace.
  • How this scene would play with Jar Jar. Both he and Laura Dern are tall with long necks.
  • The Star Wars universe is tragically lacking in industry disruptors (e.g. Steve Jobs).
  • We're not sure if the guys can come back tomorrow.
  • Plug for https// Unfortunately both Alex's shirt and tapestry are not currently available.

Meta Minute

  • 42:40 podcast episode length.
  • The droid that was the preview figure for Attack of the Clones was R3-T7.


  • Connor: More like minute "thirty-great!"
  • Alex: (as C'ai Threnalli) <in gruff voice> Were your expectations undermined??
  • Connor: I would take pleasure in making new mustaches for the old creatures […] I put mustaches on the Rodians, I put mustaches on anybody.
  • Pete: Just sprinkle a little Greedo in there, that's all I'm saying. That's my motto in life. Alex: Just a dash of Greedo.


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