Last Jedi Minute 40: Tase Crazy

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Don't tase me bro!


March 26th, 2021


Guest commentators Connor Ratliff, Griffin Newman & Patrick Cotnoir are shocked at the instant sparks between Rose and Finn!


Connor Ratliff, Griffin Newman, and Patrick Cotnoir



  • Starts with Rose recognizing Finn, and ends with Finn telling Rose "That's disgraceful."
  • Dubbing alert: Rose's line "doing talking with Resistance heroes" , the word "Forte" is ADR'd.


  • Great acting by John Boyega in this minute.
    • So many transformations, from trying to escape and getting caught to being cocky, to then being uncomfortable at how much Rose idolizes him, and then back to "oh no, she's been tasing deserters" at the start of next minute.
    • Quality comedic acting. "The Finn" is funny. But it's also good character development.
      • Finn was with the team at the end of the last movie, but he's not yet in it for your Revolution.
  • Rose (the character) did not sign up to be the main character of the Resistance, and is not at all unhappy that she's just part of the larger movement.
    • This is also evocative of "The Wire" (per Connor) because we have characters whose lives are impacted by other characters in different storylines that we, the audience, know about but that they have no notion of.
      • We've just cut from a scene of Holdo being angry at Poe for getting the entire bombing fleet killed to Rose who is sad because her sister was one of those bomber crew members.
      • Up to now, we've never seen casualties of war that have family members grieving for them.
  • Finn trying to bluff his way through this situation reminds us of the screwball comedy of Han talking on the intercom, getting frustrated, and shooting it.
    • Finn was child soldier robbed of his identity and the first two people he meets essentially are Poe and Han, basically the two coolest guys in the galaxy, and he's struggling to do an impression of them.
  • Finn is trending. People hate toy talk, but they sure love improv comedians talking shop!
  • This scene feels like an audition scene (even though it wasn't) because it shows off the full range of acting for the Rose character. The actual audition scene was the speech looking down on the rich people on Canto Bight, class warfare.
  • Rose is a dorky teacher's pet. She took it upon herself to keep people from jumping ship. She's tase crazy.
    • "Rose Tico: Tase Crazy" would be a fun simple video game.
  • Notes about the set: parallel to the waiting area outside of a Star Wars ride at Disney. Rose Tico: Tase coaster.
  • This scene mirrors the droids getting into an escape pod at the start of Star Wars, except Finn is trying to escape from a Star Wars adventure, whereas in the first movie that's where the adventure begins.
  • Can you (safely) use an escape pod while in hyperspace? You'd get whiplash and it would probably be pretty bad for your neck. Maybe some guys who we think are aliens are actually just look like that because of hyperspace ejection accidents.
  • What's Finn's plan here? He's not much of a plan guy.
  • What "really happened"  and what is fan fiction according to George Lucas.
    • You get to decide what is true to you.
    • Just watching the crawl and that's it. Taking purism to ridiculous extremes.

Meet the fans

  • Awkwardly trying to figure out what to say when a fan comes up to you.
  • Griffin's story of doing a signing at a convention:
 A guy in a perfect Arthur (from "The Tick") costume was there but did not come talk to Griffin (who played Arthur from "The Tick").
  • Ask them questions about them, even if it's a socially awkward interaction.
  • The weird one-way interaction of being a podcast fan, where the fan feels like they know you very well because they've spend so much time having conversations with you in their head, but you don't know them at all.
  • Connor was going to Canada and the customs agent thought he recognized him, but he totally didn't.
 He, like many others had mistaken him for David Costabile (Gale from "Breaking Bad"). And even though he wasn't that guy, the customs agent kept talking to him about Breaking Bad and its spinoff(s) like he had some kind of inside knowledge.
  • Griffin has the opposite problem where people assume that he's a guy who looks like Griffin Newman and not actually Griffin himself.
  • Patrick's pandemic beard.

Other notes

  • People should just calm down about Star Wars.
    • Griffin's relationship with the RoboCop trilogy.
      • He was afraid that his dislike for RoboCops 2 and 3 would tarnish his ability to enjoy the first one, but after seeing them it did not.
      • Star Wars is about finding the pieces of Star Wars media that you like and drilling down to why you like them rather than dwelling on the things you don't like. Evocative of Rose Tico later in this film (Which episode?).
  • Plug for
  • Thanks to and from the George Lucas Talk Show crew!

Meta Minute

  • 48:53 podcast episode length.
  • In this minute, it's very clear that director Rian Johnson was influenced by Kurosawa's Hidden Fortress (which was also famously an influence of Lucas'), in which the two peasant characters who have nothing to do with the larger-scale plot and intrigue are the point-of-view characters.
  • Patrick has a link to his interview with NY1 on his website.
  • has a page on the "Worthless Treasure" plot twist (which has become a meme) that Connor is referencing.


  • Pete:analyze, scrutinize and Finn gets recognized.
  • Connor: Ya dead wrong, Patrick. Ya dead wrong.
  • Pete: He [Darth Vader] takes off his mask and it's a horse under there.
  • Alex: The Scrapbook of the Whills.
  • Pete: What's this spaceship doing interrupting my book?
  • Connor: In the end, the real Star Wars was the people you didn't yell at about Star Wars along the way.


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