Last Jedi Minute 41: Underwear

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March 29th, 2021


Guest commentator Tim Barnes arrives as Finn prepares to depart, only to be stopped by Tase Crazy Rose Tico!


Tim Barnes



  • Starts with Rose Tico noticing that Finn has a packed bag in the escape pod and ends with Finn showing Rose his flashing beacon.
  • This is a turning point in the movie, an act break.


  • Rose is 0 to 60, she was a Finn fangirl, but when she sees what's up she turns on him with more venom than she probably would if it was somebody else.
  • Good acting choices by John Boyega raising his arm and cover his bag so Rose can't see it. Reminiscent of Han Solo.
    • Finn is definitely a Luke who thinks he's a Han.
      • We never get to see Luke in this awkward in between stage when he was trying to be cool.

Meta Minute

  • 24:43 podcast episode length.



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