Last Jedi Minute 43: Red Vines

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March 31st, 2021


Guest commentator Tim Barnes from the YubNub podcast listens in on Finn and Rose's theory for infiltrating Snoke's ship!


Tim Barnes



  • This minute starts with Finn telling Poe that he likes where his head is, and ends with Poe telling Threepio that nosey Holdo doesn't need to know.
  • The droid tending to Leia is the MD-15C medical droid.


  • What happens when you Google yourself.
  • Discussion of the grammar of Finn's line.
  • Finn stepping in front of Rose and interrupting her in this minute.
  • It's weird having this conversation in Leia's hospital room when she's like right there.
  • Is this tactical display the Star Wars equivalent of a PowerPoint presentation?
    • Did Finn and Rose put this together ahead of time? Mentioned: the flux capacitor fromm Back to the Future.
    • Maybe Threepio is controlling it kind of like he's playing accompanying music.
  • Are medical droids capable of overhearing secrets and if so, is there doctor-patient confidentiality? Yes, but that doesn't apply to other people randomly hanging around the patient's room.
  • In this Trilogy, every potential romance is teased but never gets any resolution.
    • The Finn-Rose relationship almost seems like a reaction from the top down to the Stormpilot Poe and Finn shipping that people were doing.
  • The medical droid's """reassuring""" face. Mentioned: the Chroon-tan B machine.
Tim's memories of seeing this movie for the first time.
He has a famous(?) Feud with Alamo Drafthouse.
He saw it there at the Alamo in Brooklyn. He bought tickets for Premiere night in advance. For Tim, Red Vines are the ultimate movie theater candy but which Alamo doesn't sell.
Red Vines vs. Twizzlers.
 But they don't even sell Twizzlers either.
 Tim is originally from the West Coast so he is Red Vines first then Twizzlers. Pete, being from the East Coast originally, eats Twizzlers first and then Red Vines.
He ended up going to the Target next door to get his Red Vines. Right before the opening crawl, Tim was openly eating his Red Vines in addition to all the food he actually did purchase from Alamo, and  an employee scolded Tim for bringing in outside candy. It dampened his mood prior to seeing the movie enough that it made it hard to determine what his actual opinion of the movie was the first time watching it because of this Red Vines Fiasco.
As it happens Alamo had just gone into bankruptcy around the time this episode was recorded and was purchased by a larger Corporation, so it's possible they may start bringing in more standard movie theater Foods.
Tim will go and take credit for that.

Pete saw it at the same place, also opening weekend.

Tim's reaction upon first seeing the movie was that he wasn't sure what he just saw, similar to his reaction to "WandaVision".
  • If Alex was the King of Movies he'd make all three Sequel Trilogy movies be filmed at the same time (Lord of the Rings-style) so that there was no room for reactions to fan response.
    • Star wars needs a central figure steering the ship. George lucas was the closest thing to this but he never had a detailed plan for where the series was going to go.
      • Now that he's no longer involved and there's no clear storyteller behind Star Wars, the fan sense of ownership of the franchise is that much greater.
      • People blame George Lucas for the Prequels, but now that Star Wars is truly being run by a corporation things are different.
        • Lucas was totally in control and very independent-minded, for better or for worse.
      • Kathleen Kennedy is an experienced producer but she's not the Storyteller that George was.
    • The Matrix sequels were also shot together and came out 6 months apart and are not as good. Also Back to the Future 2 and 3.
  • Leia is not in a bacta suit as Finn was, how come?
  • We'll talk about the ethics of Threepio tomorrow.
  • Plug for Alex and Pete's side podcasts. Tim's Yub Nub podcast.

Meta Minute

  • 31:16 podcast episode length.


  • Pete: (as the medical droid, to Leia) This plan is not going to work. You should have seen the PowerPoint, it's ridiculous.
  • Peter: Can somebody just do it already?! What's going on here?!
  • Tim:...but it [the medical droid] is kinda thicc right? That's "thicc" with 2 C's, right? Am I making that up?
  • Alex: If I woke up from a coma and saw that, like, featureless white orb staring down at me I'd be like "I've clearly died and gone to robot hell".
  • Alex: Speaking of the old guys, Princess Leia.
  • Tim: in caring TV doctor voice) Are you experiencing Force fatigue? [...] Alex: *rapidly* Side effects may include: blue lightning, telekinesis... Pete: Healing snakes...


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