Last Jedi Minute 44: Unidentified Union Dispute

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April 1st, 2021


Strikebreaker Maz Kanata pops in for a quick cameo but Tim Barnes is guest commentating all week!


Tim Barnes



  • Starts with Poe saying he'll be there to jump us to lightspeed and ends with Maz Kanata telling us how we can find the master codebreaker.
  • There are only two white people in this scene, and one is a droid and the other is comatose (note: see below).


  • Tim loves Maz. Referenced: how you pronounce "Han".
  • The logic of this moment.
  • The rarity of the live holo-calls. It's like a drone that's programmed to just follow you around. Mentioned: Flubber (1997).
  • Let's talk about the union dispute.
    • What has transpired since we last saw Maz (which was at most a couple of days ago). Did someone call her in or are these her employees and she's trying to prevent them from unionizing? Even the good guys are strikebreakers.
    • When Pete tried to look it up, it was just listed as Unidentified Union Dispute.
    • Maybe Maz is in the union herself.
  • The racial diversity of Star Wars has greatly expanded in recent years.
  • The complexity of the plan.
    • If they can call people, can't they use that somehow?
    • How does Maz know exactly where the master codebreaker would be and that he'd still be there when they got there? It's a bit video-gamey.
  • They thought about having either the master codebreaker or the DJ character be Lando. Billie Dee said he'd do it.
    • They could have added Lando to the conference call.
  • If they did an "audition" scene where the gang tried different Star Wars people on the phone to see if they could help them.
  • Mentioned: the web series "On Cinema", which contains references to the codebreaker and "Dekkar" (sounds like "D'Qar"). Maybe Rian Johnson is a fan and snuck in these references.
  • Mirroring the fan complaint of "why doesn't Holdo tell Poe the plan", why doesn't Poe/C-3PO tell Holdo the plan?
    • Alex assumed that they were setting up Holdo as a double agent.
  • If they approached Tim to cameo in Star Wars, he'd want to be Willrow Hood or a similar character who runs by holding something.
    • The Star Wars celebration "Running of the Willrow Hoods".
  • Tim will be back tomorrow!
  • Call in to the 8-DAY-GREEDO hotline. We promise we won't pick up!

Meta Minute

  • 28:19 podcast episode length.
  • If you watch the video, it is apparent that Tim stepped on Alex's intro, but being the seasoned podcaster that he is, he goes with it.
  • FYI: the robot from Flubber is named Weebo.
  • According to Red 5 autographs, MD-15C was played by Nathan Plant, a (Caucasian) English actor, so that makes 3 white people.
  • Per Wookieepedia, Panaka died in 3 BBY so unless he was a Force ghost it would be really hard for him to take a call.


  • Alex: (as a protest chant) What do we want?! Unidentified! When do we want it?! We're not sure!


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