Last Jedi Minute 45: Telecommunication

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April 2nd, 2021


Guest commentator Tim Barnes leaves us in stitches and Kylo's face doesn't look so good either!


Tim Barnes



  • Starts with Maz telling us that the master codebreaker will be at a high stakes table on Canto Bight, and ends with Kylo Ren waving away the facelift robot.
  • This minute has the first evidence of a force connection between Kylo and Rey.
  • The medical droid is the IT-S00.2.


  • Referenced: Vader's egg.
  • Flying away on a jetpack is a great way to end a call.
  • Even our heroes are reluctant to go to Canto Bight, they'd prefer to be able to do things themselves.
  • All three hosts are fans of the hermit Luke storyline, he can't just show up and be Superman.
    • Alex proposes that as a compromise he could be a Gandalf-like figure where, after directly communing with the Force, the Galaxy's problems seem almost trivial. See also: Captain Marvel.
  • The concept of cutting yourself off from the Force. Luke probably had to do all his Jedi training in reverse.
  • Doing a Star Wars musical.
    • Pete still hasn't seen "Les Mis".
    • Kabuki theater version of Star Wars (note: see below).
      • Focusing on Kylo as the main character of the trilogy or Kylo and Rey as co-main characters.
  • Is the theme of this movie just telecommunication? We had the cloaked binary beacon, plus the Force connection, plus the video call with Maz, and then later Luke telecommutes across the whole galaxy.
  • The dialog between J. J. Abrams and Rian Johnson is played out in connection to Kylo Ren. It's like a tug-of-war.
  • Adam driver successfully plays much younger than his actual age.
  • Referenced: The Razor Wars. The thing about medical droid is you don't have to make small talk with it the way you would a human doctor.
    • Using the machine or the app to do orders or check out groceries rather than talking to a person.
  • What Droid would Tim want? Not a C-3PO-type droid because he would ascribe all sorts of emotions to its blank immovable face such as passive-aggressive.
    • As much as we love R2, Tim would have to go with a BB unit as it's a little more flexible.
    • Which one would be more fun to have around? R2 probably has more movies and video games installed.
    • A protocol droid wearing a full pullover face mask.
    • Tim also thinks it should have been C-3PO to do the Holdo maneuver. Just to see him make any kind of choice in these movies would be really meaningful.
      • Technically he does make a choice in the Rise of Skywalker but it is undone by the end of the movie. Referenced: Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy.
      • But C-3PO volunteering himself for a dangerous mission is totally out of character. It would be ironic if C-3PO (who is one of the most famous cowards in the entire galaxy) went down in history for his bold war move.
  • Tim saw the movie three times in theaters and least seven times since then. Per Tim, the joy of Star Wars is getting to poke fun at it in good faith.
  • Tim's other general thoughts about this movie, and its place in the franchise.
    • Did you have your own version of this movie in your head? Tim's version has the First Order and the Resistance joining forces to fight an external force (represented/embodied by Snoke).
    • This movie is Kylo Ren achieving what Darth Vader never could, basically Darth Vader killing and replacing the Emperor.
    • Where do you go from there? Well, turns out you go to the same place you were before but bigger.

Meta Minute

  • 27:26 podcast episode length.


  • Alex: Please don't tease the jet pack.
  • Pete: You must re-learn what you have unlearned
  • Alex: Avoiding small talk with strangers is my raison d'etre.
  • Alex: (re: C-3PO crying) Goldschlager dripping down his face.
  • Pete: *cheerily* Instant death!
  • Pete: …that would be very "Star Wars": "Oh you killed Snoke? In the next movie, guess what? Bigger Snoke! Two Snokes."
  • Alex: Pete, you're @PeteTheRetailer or [Pete's "real" name]? Pete: Who?


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