Last Jedi Minute 46: Long and Difficult Travel

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April 5th, 2021


Guest commentator Ken Plume takes a shot at talking about Kylo and Rey talking and taking a shot!


Ken Plume



  • Starts with Kylo Ren sensing a connection, and ends with him suggesting that the effort would kill Rey.


  • Most guests have their own website; if they don't it's a little bit harder to plug their stuff. Pete should just assign them a website that they can be from.
    • Referenced: Mannequin 2: On the Move.
  • Prior to this viewing, Ken didn't realize that this scene is the setup to what happens to Luke later in the film.
  • Are Kylo and Rey talking just telepathically or could other people see them too?
    • Everyone in the First Order more or less ignores what Kylo Ren does for their own safety; if he's acting out they just move on.
    • It seems like everyone can see Luke because when Kylo Ren says "fire at that man", they all fire in the same place.
      • It would be funny if they were just pretending and had to figure out where Kylo thought Luke was standing.

First Order healthcare

  • It would be fun to read a "From a Certain Point of View" story told from the perspective of the facelift robot.
  • The fact that Kylo Ren interrupts the facelift robot is just rude. Think of the people waiting for treatment after him.
  • The different levels of healthcare in the First Order.
    • If you're just a stormtrooper, you get the Walgreens-brand bacta.
    • Bacta is like the penicillin of the Star Wars Universe in that it revolutionized medicine.
  • Which outdated medical treatments are hosts preferred as children.

Other notes

  • The sound design, particularly the exchange between Kylo Ren and Rey is really good. There's kind of an overlap between the sounds that each character is hearing.
    • Unlike many of the other of the later Star Wars films, this one really plays with moments of silence and quiet (to the point where certain scenes "confused" some people who thought the movie was broken).
      • It's the kind of nerds who demanded they be sent a "corrected" LaserDisc of The Empire Strikes Back when the one they got cut out 3 seconds of Leia welding on the Falcon.
      • Or maybe they're doing like a Rocky Horror Picture Show thing where the audience is supposed to fill in what sounds they think should go there.
  • Rey's first instinct upon seeing Kylo Ren is a try and blast him. Still hot-headed and impulsive.
    • It's reminiscent of the second that Han sees Darth Vader on Cloud City, he whips out his blaster.
    • It also calls back to Luke bringing his weapons into the magic cave on Dagobah (including his blaster, rather than relying on his lightsaber).
    • We also see that Rey takes a moment to disengage the safety, just as Han Solo taught her.
  • According to the visual dictionary, Rey's trip to Ahch-To was long and difficult. But what does that actually mean in Star Wars?
    • Travel time through hyperspace seems to be highly variable and plot-dependent.
    • The Star Wars Chronicles book has a chart of distances between planets in Star Wars.
      • The longest run is from Tatooine to Coruscant (22 days, 14 hours), although there is no cited reference for this figure.
      • Nothing in Star Wars ever seems like it takes days and days of time.
      • 7 hours from Tatooine to Alderaan. But that doesn't make sense because Alderaan to Coruscant is only 16 hours.
  • After Kylo Ren tries and fails to do the mind trick on Rey, he looks incredibly sheepish that it didn't work.
    • Mind control is usually a Jedi rather than Sith power so it's interesting that Kylo Ren can do it.
  • Pretending that Obi-Wan actually knew those Stormtroopers and together they were playing a trick on Luke. This supports Pete's theory that the Force does not exist.
    • The Force connection between Kylo and Rey can be explained as a Zoom call.
  • Referenced: the Bene Gesserit "Voice" from Dune.
  • The Kylo slide.
    • Referenced: The Breakfast Club.
    • It fits with his pouting child/Daffy Duck character.
  • Does Kylo Ren really have nothing better to do than sit around? Isn't the First Order, like, busy conquering the Galaxy? No, because he had a doctor's note.
  • This minute is one of many "sad puppy" moments for Kylo Ren in this movie.
  • Rey's costume motif is fingerless Opera gloves.
  • Ken can and will come back tomorrow.
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Meta Minute

  • 27:52 podcast episode length.
  • As of October 2021, Pete does not own (or other variations).
  • Although Pete said it would be funny to pretend that only Kylo could see Luke on Crait, he forgot to bring this up during those actual minutes.
  • Bacta replaced Kolto as the medical fluid of choice. Kolto comes from the original Knights of the Old Republic video games (now Legends), but was made canonical by the YA novel The High Republic: Into the Dark.
  • In doses available over-the-counter, hydrogen peroxide is actually not an effective antiseptic and should not be used for treating or cleaning wounds.


  • Alex: (on getting used to the fact that they're currently covering The Last Jedi) I'm still writing checks that say "Episode 7".
  • Pete: (as Kylo Ren): Hang on a second, I have to talk to my imaginary friend.
  • Ken: If this year has taught us anything, take the holiday you want, Pete.
  • Alex: (as Liverpudlian Obi-Wan) Maybe it shows that they're not so different after all.
  • Ken: Yes it's one of those classic "Snoke meet-cutes".
  • Pete: (as an angry Kylo Ren) <speaking, not singing> Take those old records off the shelf.
  • (Post-outro) Pete: <singing> Snoke mission! Dun nuh nuh nuh!


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