Last Jedi Minute 50: The Kinks

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April 9th, 2021


Guest commentator Ken Plume is here to balance out Rey's lesson about life, the universe and everything!


Ken Plume



  • Starts with Luke telling Rey to breathe and ends with Luke asking Rey what's inside her.
  • Force montage. We see the entirety of the porg life cycle.
    • Trailer line: "Breathe, just breathe..."


  • Have you tried meditation? Luke's directions to Rey are reminiscent of what people say about meditating.
  • The Prequels don't have a scene like this where the movie takes a breath and the main character learns about the Force (as we do in this movie and in the Original Trilogy). Mentioned: Liam "the shades".
    • A putative Jedi Academy series.
      • Luke giving Baby Yoda (Grogu) more attention than Ben Solo and that's why he went to the Dark Side.
  • Mentioned: Wes Anderson, The Simpsons, Tim Burton, The Kinks.
    • Flashbacks and montages are rare in Star Wars.
  • How many outfits did Rey bring with her? What she would wear if she ran out of clean clothes.
  • Given that the Falcon was just stetting in the sand on Jakku, why wasn't it more ransacked than it is?
  • What else Chewie was up to while Rey was with Luke.
  • Did Lucas ever consider using flashbacks or voiceovers for any Star Wars films?
    • What would you flash back to?
  • J-splices or sound bridge?
    • Broadening the film language of Star Wars.
  • Luke cut himself off from the Force so he can't sense anything that Rey is experiencing.
    • What's the story of how Luke quit the Force. Was it right after Kylo destroyed the academy or some time after he went into exile?
  • Ken's final thoughts:
He enjoyed the film when he first saw it and it has only grown on him with time. He likes that it has the desire to explore the world of Star Wars and the Force and these new characters. He likes a bit of experimentation so that Star Wars doesn't become stagnant. He also feels that of the three sequel trilogy films, this one has the best usage of the core cast. The actors are all at their most invested. The story is in service of the characters and not the other way around.
  • Thanks to Ken for the week.
  • Try and identify all the items in the background of Ken's camera.
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Meta Minute

  • 28:41 podcast episode length.
  • The episode summary is a reference to Douglas Adam's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series.
  • Parler is the alt-social network favored by conservative politicians, conspiracy theorists, and far-right extremists. It gained notoriety following the end of Donald Trump's term as president.
  • The song "Village Green" by The Kinks mentions a girl named "Daisy".
  • J-cuts and L-cuts.


  • Pete:analyze, scrutinize, and close your eyes...
  • Pete: I'd be more interested in meditation if there was the danger of— Alex: The risk? Pete: —the risk of getting sucked into the Dark Side.
  • Pete: Anything not Star Wars.


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