Last Jedi Minute 52: The Death of Print

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April 13, 2021


Luke tells Rey she's too powerful for him and that goes double for guest commentator Ralph Attanasia!


Ralph Attanasia



  • Starts with Ray saying that place was trying to show me... Something! Ends with an escape pod or other small ship racing away to somewhere (presumably somewhere exciting).


  • Sorry Ralph, this isn't the Mindalorian. It's the Last Jedi Minute.
  • This movie suffers from the same problem that The Empire Strikes Back has, which is the weird time dilation where some parts of the story take longer than others but still happened at the same time. Alex suggests maybe when you're near a Force hole time can get distorted. Referenced: Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.
    • But seriously though, in the last 10 years media has become so self-aware. That good-natured campy fun that we had with the original Bill and Ted's. Referenced: the Paddington Bear films, The Godfather and Godfather 2. Also referenced Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World.
  • Ray's Subtle dis. Luke says "that place showed you something you needed." And Rey's "like yeah I didn't see you".
  • Luke blames Rey for not even trying to stop herself from going to the Dark Side. Isn't that his responsibility as the teacher?
    • Callback to Luke's Failure at the Cave. He probably remembers it differently from how it actually happened.
    • Was the Magic Tree also giving Luke something he needed? Needed or wanted?
    • Who is telling the truth, the Force Hole or Palpatine? Because it can't be both. Mentioned: Marie Skywalker.
  • Recall: Mark Hamill did not agree with the direction of the character of Hermit Luke. But remember that J. J. Abrams wrote us into this situation by having Luke missing for 20 years or whatever in The Force Awakens.
    • Though this story idea came from George Lucas who believed that Luke had become a kind of Colonel Kurtz figure from Apocalypse Now.
  • Luke reacts with fear because Rey is onto him and that he cut himself off from the Force and because he knows she must be powerful if she can jump straight into this. Mentioned: Wormie Skywalker
  • It seems like a conscious effort on his part to disconnect and then later reconnect with the Force. It's like exercise. Referenced do you even Force lift bro?
  • Since Luke cut himself off from the Force, what does he see when Ray gets soaked with water, just Rey flopping around? Maybe it's like watching someone with a VR headset. Or she's on a drug trip, and he's the chaperone.
    • What would Luke have done if Rey accidentally threw herself off the cliff while in the throes of Force Mania?
  • Referenced: horcruxes from Harry Potter.
  • Ralph's opinion is that Ree-Yees (three-eyed goatman from ROTJ) is the biggest loser in Star Wars. Mentioned: Bossk the Trandoshan.
  • Ralph's experience meeting Billy Dee Williams but he was on the season 2 finale of "Buddy versus Duff" at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.
    • He had him sign his Lando page of the Rise of Skywalker visual dictionary.
  • Mentioned: "Raw Power" by Iggy Pop and the Stooges. When Luke mentioned he'd seen this power before, in Ben Solo, Kylo Ren's theme plays.
  • Mentioned: The Muppets. Shout out to Tony Thaxton. Alex at one time tried to get him to do a Muppets podcast.
  • The [Resistance] rebels' uniform is not really all that uniform.
    • However, The "Rebel Insignia" has gotten more and more official with time both in and out of universe.
  • Oscar Isaacs: super handsome. He always looks like he has just been misted. Mentioned: planet Stewjon (named after comedian Jon Stewart).
  • Ralph's opinion on the death of Akbar. The movie can't give it to weight it deserves because it would slow things down and it needs to keep going, but if you can't give it the attention it needs, maybe just don't do it.
  • Ralph is against the idea that there are paper books in Star Wars.
    • This movie is about how people don't read anymore, and the first person we see die is named "Paige". The movie is about the death of Print.
      • Ralph's fiancée was very excited there was a Star Wars character with the same name as her, this is her only Star Wars figure.
  • Somebody needs to canonize Ralph. He's not even canon in the MCU anymore (that is, if "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." is not canon ). Because somebody in Agents of Shield was watching "Cake Boss", which Ralph was on time.
  • Mentioned: Del Mar the Devaronian bounty hunter from the Dark Horse Comics.
    • He said "bark"; he didn't actually bark.
    • Referenced "Pinky and the Brain".
  • Star Wars VR games.
  • Connix is in on the plot but doesn't get the same comeuppance that Poe does.
    • Ralph does not find the conflict with Holdo to be narratively satisfying.
  • Ralph can and will be back tomorrow.
  • Plug for the merch store.

Meta Minute

  • 37:24 podcast episode length.
  • Although no longer canon, the Star Wars Ultimate Alien Anthology lists a Trandoshan's maximum lifespan at about 60 years. There is also no canon source listing Bossk's age, but if we go by the New Essential Guide to Characters, he was born in 53 BBY, meaning he was super old when he was summoned aboard the Execucisor. Apparently he did join the Jabba entourage on the Sail Barge, so we can presume he exploded (though as always, if there's no body...).


  • Ralph: <sighing> Dank farrik.
  • Ralph: (as old man Ralph) …and today's music, and kids playing on my lawn! (as just plain Ralph) I just realized how old I sounded.
  • Ralph: (as Rey) Look, my whole life all I knew was cleaning sand out of military surplus. Give me a break.
  • Ralph: *gesturing to his face* You get all of this... This face right here. Not the people listening, in podcast form, those are the smart ones. Those are the people who will be referred to as "the survivors".
  • Pete: (as Luke, re: his T-16 Skyhopper toy) You know how much this goes for on Space eBay??
  • Ralph: Like a real Lapti Nek.
  • Pete: (in newsreel voice) Kaydel Ko Connix: quite compelling.
  • Ralph: Apparently I'm an easy target for Mon Cal Military Officers. I love them.
  • Alex: What were they [the Rebels] still doing on Yavin 2 years after the battle? Ralph: I know what they [Poe's parents] were doing about nine months before two years after the battle!
  • Ralph: I love the idea there's no Force and Obi-Wan is just drunk in that first movie.
  • Ralph: I would like you to take this more seriously. Otherwise, what are we doing here, Peter.
  • Pete: "Passing da brie [debris]": that's what you do at a wine and cheese party.
  • Pete: (newsreel voice) Can Kaydel Ko Connix continue??


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