Last Jedi Minute 53: Porg Nest

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April 14th, 2021


Guest commentator Ralph Attanasia eavesdrops on the Force chat between dyadsters Kylo and Rey!


Ralph Attanasia



  • Starts with Finn revealing that the fleet only has 18 hours of fuel left, ends with Kylo Ren asking Rey if Luke revealed what happened.


  • If they can send off a ship why can't they bring back some fuel with them? Or if they have any hyperspace fuel left why can't they hyperspace somewhere where they have friends?
    • When Alex was a kid and the time lock for a movie was 24 hours, that seemed like a really long time, but now that he's an adult it feels like you can't get anything done in only 24 hours.
  • Call out to former guest of the show Sirancha. Ralph gushes about porgs.
    • "Porgnest Ernine": Ralph's Star Wars name.
  • When we saw the Falcon in Solo, it looked really different from far we're used to, but ever since Han got ahold of it and even after its string of owners, it hasn't changed a bit.
    • The double standard of toxic Star Wars fandom. People complain if there's even the slightest change that's not explained but, then when they do explain it, it's never satisfactory.
      • When there is some kind of change, it's dispensed with almost instantly. See: C3PO's red arm.
        • C-3PO is constantly being broken apart and put back together and his life is a nightmare.
  • Apparently, following the fall of the Galactic Empire, Han and Chewie drifted apart and returned to their respective families.
    • Imagine Chewie calling home and telling Malla that after Han and Leia broke up that he was going to have to leave her as well.
  • Chewbacca on the phone to the Resistance. Why is nobody picking up?
    • What would the Rebel hold music be?
  • Porgs are like Tribbles.
  • We want to see a live action Hondo Ohnaka.
  • Kylo Ren is still interested in the tech of the Force call.
    • The places that Rey and Kylo Ren are in are sort of an echo (but also sort of opposite) of each other. It's good filmmaking.
  • Ralph could take or leave the gorilla walkers. Actually, he can just leave them.
    • When he first saw the images of them he thought maybe they do something different from the standard AT-AT, but no, they're still just big mechanical donkeys.
    • Who in the film production food chain made the decision to design these and put them in the movie? Despite the number of creative people working on the movies there's a lack of creativity in the design.
    • Alex has the same gripes about the ships in the Sequel Trilogy, generally speaking.
      • A counter-argument would be the Razor Crest from "The Mandalorian", which is evocative of a Prequel-era design but not actually directly from the Prequels itself.
  • Pete has cooled on "The Mandalorian" in recent months because it was starting to open up all sorts of new possibilities and new worlds but then ends up deeply rooted in classic Star Wars with Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker.
  • Rey reaches out to touch the rain. It's a call back to the fact that she grew up on a desert planet and this is new to her.
    • It's refreshing (and rare) to see a character react with such joy in Star Wars.
  • Referenced: Superman 2.
  • The difference between poisonous and venomous.
  • Rey has a character arc because she calls Kylo Ren a "murderous snake" but then later, the very first creature she uses Force healing on is a snake!
  • Alex likes Revenge of the Sith the best, but Ralph thinks the Prequels get worse as they go.
    • However, Ralph and Alex are two Star Wars fans who can have the same opinions and still get along.
      • As long as you're a fan of some kind of Star Wars, it's all good.
  • The quality of Joonas as the "Newbacca". He channels Peter Mayhew's body acting well.
  • We ( sarcastically) need a prequel explaining why Yoda has such good relations with the Wookiees, and how he and Chewbacca became friends.
  • Plug for

Meta Minute

  • 30:01 podcast episode length.
  • There technically has been a live-action Hondo, as he appears at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.
  • Cobra venom is not poisonous; you can eat it (the toxins are in activated by your stomach acid) and so long as you don't have any cuts in your mouth or throat where the venom can get into your bloodstream you'll be totally fine.
    • Cobra whiskey, which can be found in many East Asian countries, contains the entire cobra, including the venom sacs.
    • Fugu (pufferfish) is, by contrast, poisonous and not venomous; the toxin in Fugu, tetrodotoxin, is absorbed when you eat the fish.


  • Alex: The Hanna-Barbera system. Pete: Not much there.
  • Ralph: as an adult you can be busy all day for 24 hours and not accomplish anything.
  • Ralph: (singing to the tune of "Cats in the Cradle") When you coming home Dad it won't be long; humans have a real short lifespan.
  • Alex: (as Rey, in Cockney accent) I'm not here! I'm not here if Finn calls.
  • Alex: what's the deal with the Borg porg?... laforge porge.
  • Ralph: (paraphrasing the Mandalorian Creed) This is the way...I bring that up.
  • Ralph: Nobody's having more fun than Sheev, man.
  • Ralph: I am annoyingly pedantic... <brightly> but that's why I'm on this show!
  • Ralph: I have a hard time imagining that there is still an audience at this point in this episode.
  • Ralph: Move the story forward or let it go. Don't make prequels.


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