Last Jedi Minute 59: Hacking Your Way Through the Middle

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April 22th, 2021


High on a clef, noted Jedi pupil Re rehearses with her staff, striking a chord with key guest commentator and host of Star Wars Music Minute Chrysanthe Tan!


Chrysanthe Tan



  • Starts with Rey working out and noticing the lightsaber in her bag, and ends with the caretakers noticing a rock smashing their cart to bits.


  • Calling the show "Star Wars Minute" vs. "THE Star Wars Minute".
    • Differences in SWM's handle across social media platforms.
  • We're approximately halfway through the Sequel Trilogy and this represents Rey switching gears. She's opting against her old weapon and committing herself to this new lifestyle.
    • Why does Luke choose now to stop and take notice?
    • People who have tried to use lightsabers and who weren't as in touch with the Force as Rey (Han and Finn) were far more clumsy.
    • Even though Luke isn't in touch with the Force, he can easily see that Rey is. Seeing this is swaying his opinion of her.
    • Plus, whether he helps her or not, she's still going to try and learn.
      • The next lesson is a discouraging one to bring her down from the pedestal.
      • And anyway she keeps trashing the place.
  • The parallels between being a trained musician and being a Jedi.
    • Even if you can do step 10, you still need to go back and master the early steps rather than hacking your way through the middle.
  • We don't usually see lightsabers in the bright outdoors.
    • Rey's lightsaber looks almost white in the bright sunlight.
    • See also the making Luke's lightsaber in Return of the Jedi green target than blue so it would stand out.
    • We also don't usually see lightsabers this close up.
      • It brings up the question of what is just the glow and where the actual cutting blade starts.
    • The technology for the lightsaber prop has evolved over the years, now they're able to use commercially available replica lightsabers.
      • There is still some post-production to the lightsaber effects, but less than previous movies.
  • Chrysanthe's thoughts on hermit Luke: they're a big fan.
    • Hermit Luke gets new music which blends together exceptionally well with Rey's theme, almost to suggest there's some kind of figurative relationship there.
    • Recall that ending up as a hermit is a very common thing for a Jedi master.
      • In some ways it's inevitable that this would happen to him: he was so happy-go-lucky as a young man and had so much hope and weight on his shoulders.
    • Chrysanthe doesn't really relate to either Luke or Rey and doesn't see themselves in them.
      • That doesn't mean they're not relatable characters, but Chrysanthe just doesn't see themselves in the role of the hero.
    • Having Luke be a hermit humanizes him and shows that he's not just a perfect "Instagram Jedi" but a person.
    • Chrysanthe was a huge fan of all of the EU Jedi Academy books, but as an adult, this Luke makes more sense.
  • Luke makes it clear to Rey that she needs to lead her own Journey, he's not an overbearing teacher.
    • He's making sure that she doesn't go down the road that he did by testing her persistence.
      • Briefly digression into what would have happened if Luke had stayed on Dagobah with Yoda to finish his training.
        • Chrysanthe is of the opinion that balance would still eventually be achieved in the long run.
  • Recalled that, originally, Mark Hamill wanted to use the lightsaber one-handed but Lucas insisted he use it two-handed as if it were a heavy, medieval sword..
    • It seems like he didn't stick to that as even in the Prequels people were using lightsabers one-handed.
  • Music Talk.
    • Music in a film has the ability to affect our perception of time. When there's no score, we assume that a scene is happening real-time at whereas if the score is sweeping an orchestral it implies that more time is passing than is what actually on the screen. Oh come on
    • We get the two main versions of Rey's theme: the chimes, and then Rey on Jakku (sliding down the sand hill). Then it changes keys, it goes up a key indicating the moment has escalated. Then it morphs into. Luke's theme. Specifically, Luke in Exile (think back to when Luke was pole vaulting).
    • Her laser sword session gets a button ending rather than a Fade Out. It works both visually and thematically. Pete tends not to notice the music unless it's distractingly; bad normally he just gets swept up in it.
  • Plug for Chrysanthe's show (in podcast and YouTube form). They release new episodes in conjunction with the Star Wars Minute minutes, so you can listen to the five episodes of SWM and then right afterward listen to Chrysanthe's show.
  • Call the hotline and let us hear from you.

Meta Minute

  • 33:57 podcast episode length.
  • Alex did indeed update the contact page on his website after this.
  • "2 and 10" refers to the placement of your hands on the steering wheel of a car (picture the wheel as a clock with hands at 2 o'clock and 10 o'clock). This way of holding the wheel comes from driving instructors pre-1990s, when power steering was less common, so the wheel required more force to turn, and when airbags were rare. The current recommendation is closer to "3 and 7" or "4 and 8", which puts your hands out of the way if the air bag happens to deploy, potentially averting broken thumbs or other hand damage.


  • Pete: Next lesson: Jedi are dumb.
  • Pete: 7-Leia burrito.


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