Last Jedi Minute 5: Hugs with a Herf

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You guys like my new tattoo? It means something really cool in Galactic Basic



February 5th, 2021


General Hux is tooled with.





  • Starts with Hux telling Poe that he will wipe their scum from the Galaxy and ends with Poe none-the-less attacking the dreadnoughts with his X-wing.
  • Rian Johnson watched 6 7 different movies to get in the mood for this movie:
  1. To Catch a Thief
  2. Twelve O'Clock High (not Three O'Clock High)
  3. The Bridge on the River Kwai
  4. Gunga Din
  5. Letter Never Sent
  6. Sahara
  7. Three Outlaw Samurai


  • "Hugs with an H" joke reopens the can of worms that the movies are being translated into English from Star Wars language. See also: X-wings and Y-wings. Bringing up the alphabet is always dicey.

How they do this joke in other Earth languages

Language Description
Danish They don't normally dub films (except cartoons), but the subtitles said "General Koks", 'Koks' being slang for when things mess up.

In the version of the film that's in English with Spanish subtitles, Poe calls him "General ugh", referring to the word in English since ugh isn't really used in Spanish.

In the dub version they called him "General Palidox”, combining the words Pálido (pale) and Hux.

Hungarian He's just pretending to have a bad connection.
Russian They left out the entire bit.
Ukrainian The word they used (part of which Pete cannot say out loud without censoring himself) is "генерал Факс", which translates to "General Fax" (like a fax machine).
Italian They already pronounce his name as 'General Hacks' and so Poe calls him General Fax (which has the same meaning as it does in English). Does this mean they have fax machines in Star Wars?
Chinese (Traditional) "General Hux" was translated phonetically as "He-Si". "Hugs" was translated as "Ho-Si", where "Ho" was spelled as the word that means 'monkey' (猴).
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More notes

  • Speaking of slang languages (slanguages), Captain Peavey says he's "tooling with you". Listeners: call in if you've heard someone say he's tooling with you in real life. Call 8-DAY-GREEDO.
  • Poe's "Yo Mama" joke.
  • Stats on the Dreadnaught:
    • Mentioned: What is that in Enterprises?
      • 27 Enterprises long and 3 Enterprise-lengths in height. Mentioned: ABCD:TOS.
    • Crew compliment of the Fulminatrix.
      • Stormtroopers vs. enlisted?
    • Wreckage of the Fulminatrix is seen in "Resistance".
  • Does Poe know that Hux is pasty and skinny, or is he making things up? How much do they know/know of each other?
  • Poe's afterburner thing – is that on all new X-wings?
  • He attacks the dreadnought's turrets like in the Star Wars arcade game.
  • Rare closeup shot of Poe's eyes (see below). Shout out to cinematographer Steve Yedlin. This movie is beautiful to look at.
    • Compare to the TV-movie-esque look of ROTJ. Maybe because they knew it would be viewed on home video.
    • The Prequels don't really stand out cinematographically.
    • Rogue One was also beautiful but this one is more artsy.
  • The problem with newer comics is the people making them are only drawing inspiration from other comics. Similar criticism of The Force Awakens is that it only draws from other Star Wars.
  • (Per Greg Grundberg) J. J. Abrams loved Johnson's script so much he regretted not directing the movie himself.
  • The period in American history called "the Era of Good Feelings". The Force Awakens and Rogue One were the equivalent to this.
    • What antiquated political party our hosts/the show would belong to.
  • Come back tomorrow for the first Patreon episode of the new season!

Meta Minute

  • 29:12 podcast episode length.
  • "herf" is the name of the 8th letter in Aurebesh (the written form of Galactic basic), equivalent to the letter 'h' in English.
  • Former guest of the show Crystal Beth has an Aurebesh tattoo (see Jedi Minute 74: Telephone Sandwich).
  • In Traditional Chinese, the word for 'general' (of the army) is "jiāngjūn".
  • "Tooling someone" (to mean 'messing around with our making a fool of') appears on as early as December 2005. See also: Tool around.
  • Nerdist has a great article that lists influences and homages in The Last Jedi.
  • A notable example of another close-up eyes shot comes from Revenge of the Sith.
  • As of the day this episode first aired, there were 425 episodes in the Patreon feed.


  • Pete: Pardon my Danish.
  • Alex: Did you know the word "Hux" in Chinese means both 'general' and 'opportunity'?
  • Pete: You [Alex] hate to see it [the First Order Dreadnought] go but love to watch it leave. Alex: Yes I love to watch it jump to hyperspace.
  • Pete "Imperial privates", if you know what I mean.
  • Alex: "You know, the First Order seems like a good thing. I should join that".
  • Pete: The mise en scène is magnifique.
  • Pete: We like other things. Alex: (trying to convince himself) We totally like other things!
  • Alex and then Pete: the wreckage of the "Phantasmagorica".


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