Last Jedi Minute 60: A Legend

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April 23rd, 2021


Guest commentator Chrysanthe Tan listens to Luke explaining why the dumb Jedi shouldn't return after all!


Chrysanthe Tan



  • Starts with the caretakers giving Rey a slow burn stare and ends with Luke saying "Ben".


  • Chrysanthe's Star Wars cover, which was used as the ROTS closing theme.
  • Mentioned: "60 Minutes".
  • The novel covers some of the events of this movie from the caretakers perspective, including (spoilers) Luke's disappearance at the end of the film.
    • They refer to Rey as Luke's destructive niece.
    • They'll keep the Jedi stuff safe until the next Jedi comes. They're used to Jedi coming and living there periodically.
  • Rey never apologizes to the caretakers as far as we know. Mentioned: Uncle Pluck.
  • In the deleted scene with the Lanai party, Luke intentionally misled Rey into thinking the caretakers were under threat (or at least pointedly didn't correct her mistake for her).
  • Jedi lesson #2: the legacy of the Jedi is failure, hypocrisy, and hubris.
    • We rarely get someone looking at the Jedi with a critical eye.
    • Calls back to Dooku criticizing the Jedi while speaking with Obi-Wan on Geonosis.
    • Even before the Sequel Trilogy, Chrysanthe was aware of the Jedi's hubris.
      • They got lazy and were bad at their jobs; you can blame external forces but the pieces were already there and in place.
        • This was explicitly called out in the first Thrawn book in the new Canon.
    • It is weird to hear Mark Hamill say "Darth Sidious" though.
  • The best way to experience the Prequels is to reference them in better movies/shows (rather than watching them directly) as something that actually happened and expands the universe.
  • How does Luke know as much as he does about what happened in the Galaxy? He must have done some independent research or at least talked with his ghost dad about it.
  • Luke is subtweeting Obi-Wan hard by mentioning that it was a Jedi that trained and created Darth Vader, without ever mentioning him by name.
  • Luke is playing devil's advocate with Rey. She's defending the Jedi so staunchly, but how much does she actually know about them? Like, does Rey know who Darth Vader is?
    • The gap between what the audience knows and what Rey knows. The audience is supposed to just assume that she knows as much as we do.
  • Force user career day.
  • How quickly people in Star Wars forget about the Force and the Jedi. It depends on where you grew up and what media censorship exists.
  • Luke's comment "and then I became a legend" contains an extratextual reference because everything that Luke did between ROTJ and now is "Legends".
    • Referenced: Luuke and the Horse Pilot.
    • Luke has been living under the weight of his own image and it sucks.
    • The burden of being put on a pedestal.
  • Besides Jedi, who else might be trying to find Luke? Journalists or fans? Compare to JD Salinger or Bill Watterson.
    • Space paparazzi.
    • The guy who follows all the clues to find Luke and shows up the day after the movie ends and only finds a pile of laundry.
      • One plucky individual with gumption.
    • Ring theory: ESB involves the Empire trying to find Luke and scouring the Galaxy.
  • Luke says "for many years there was balance. But then I saw Ben". But was there?
    • Chrysanthe's view is that people have been misinterpreting the prophecy. It's super vague.
    • What is the end goal of "balance" and how would we know this has occurred? You can't define a timeline without knowing this.
    • And this is assuming that Anakin even is the Chosen One (which, sure, we can accept that). Mentioned: the Mortis arc on the "Clone Wars".
    • Is balance a good thing? If there even is such a thing.
      • Even within a single person, you need to have both "light side" and "dark side" impulses in order to survive (as embodied by the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine): too much of either is a bad thing.
    • Pete's take is that "balance" means eliminating the surplus Jedi and bringing the Force users to more of an even footing.
    • Without the drive for more, people lose their sense of purpose. See also: people losing their motivation over the Pandemic.
    • George Lucas comparing balance in Star Wars to a healthy and well-functioning body, and if you don't take care of yourself then the dark side takes over like a tumor.
      • Balance means maintaining homeostasis. There are rapidly dividing cells, and viruses and bacteria in our bodies all the time, and they're necessary for our survival (unless they get out of whack).
  • Other things to keep an ear out for.
    • Guessing how much the fathiers weigh based on the sound design.
    • Check John Williams' previous scores for what he is playing on the lounge piano. The percussive crash is his brother, so that is technically a Williams brother duet.
      • Hint of Jedi steps and it goes into the Force theme.

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