Last Jedi Minute 62: Bad Dudes

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April 27th, 2021


Ben Solo decides he don’t need no education but we need the thoughts of guest commentator Jordan White!


Jordan White



  • Starts with the Jedi temple burning, ends with Rey saying "I won't…"
  • This minute contains the shot that appears in Rey's vision in Maz's castle (Force Awakens trailer shot).


  • This is the wrong show, but there's an outtake from the song "I Will" where Paul says "I won't".
    • Mark Hamill is supposedly a big Beatles fan.
  • Where was R2 when Ben was destroying the temple? How come he survived unscathed? Alex is suspicious.
    • He was also sleeping on the job when Padmé was in danger of being assassinated by the worms.
    • R2 was probably conflicted because both Luke and Ben were kind of his family and he didn't know which to support.
    • It would have been nice if he had recorded an objective perspective of the confrontation between Luke and Ben so we didn't have to rely only on their subjective recollections.
  • Wait how did R2 know when to wake up, and how did the map to Luke work, especially considering he didn't want to be found?
  • How many students is a "handful"? There's a comic book miniseries that explains this.
    • They didn't also turn the Dark side they either when is the hiding themselves or attempted to chase down Kylo Ren and kill him and were themselves killed.
  • These students are not the same thing as the Knights of Ren.
    • The Knights of Ren aren't even Force sensitive if they're just Bad Dudes.
    • Kylo Ren killed the old leader of the Knights of Ren and took over as their master (that's where he got his name).
      • But he was a bad guy and probably deserved it, so is Kylo really all that evil?
  • Things in Star Wars like the Clone Wars being cool until you explain them in a movie.
  • It would have been fun if the Knights of Ren became the Praetorian Guard that we see in this movie, but they don't.
    • Or or or what if the Praetorian Guard were all just Kylo Ren clones and this was revealed during the throne room fight scene.
      • What if Kylo Ren himself was a clone?
  • Although Jordan really likes this movie, there are dumb things to notice about it,
    • One of them is that Luke is dressed like a Jedi despite wanting to distance himself from everything the Jedi stood for.
      • His everyday clothes are simple gray and not Jedi-like, but he decided that he had to dress like a Jedi coincidentally on the day that Rey showed up on the island.
      • Gary Whitta's (he wrote Rogue One) no-prize explanation for this. It's kind of a retcon.
  • The weird otherworldly quality to Luke's face in the green glow of (what we later learn) is his lightsaber in the flashback. It calls to mind that episode of "The X-Files" where we get different characters' points of view of an event.
    • According to the Force Awakens visual dictionary, Luke dons his Jedi robe to perform a final Jedi rite.
  • We want to know how Snoke turned Kylo Ren to the Dark side. What did he tell or promise him to seduce him away from the Light?
    • Was it about how great Darth Vader was, because that checks out; little kids think Darth Vader is awesome.
  • Jordan's "bad parent" confession is his 3-year-old son has seen every Star Wars movie.
    • Rogue One was the one he held off on but he realized that his kid wasn't going to get the dark parts of it yet.
    • The Star Wars Little Golden Books and how they sanitized and danced around death.
  • Given what we know now that Snoke was basically expressly created for the purpose of turning kylo Ren to the dark side it's funny that he turned out the way that he did.
    • Snoke wasn't done yet and still needed some time to cook, but Luke freaking out at Ben forced Palpatine's hand.
    • Ben was cheating on Luke with Snoke.
  • In regards to the common complaint that Luke isn't "heroic enough" in this movie: Luke doesn't actually save the day in Jedi, at least not personally; he whines until Vader saves the day and also his friends blew up the Death Star, not him.
    • In this movie, Luke starts at his lowest point so you can have an arc and actually be the most heroic he's ever been by the end of the film. He becomes the legend that he was talking about earlier.
      • It doesn't matter at all what Luke wants or needs, in the end he must sacrifice his physical existence to actually become the myth and legend that can save the Galaxy.
    • Jordan is bummed with The Rise of Skywalker because of how it abandoned a lot of the cool things that this movie did.
  • Who cuts Luke Skywalker's hair now that he's in Exile? According to the visual dictionary, he does have a grooming box with a mirror.
    • Do we ever seen mirrors in Star Wars? No.
  • The Jedi hired the caretakers to clean up after them millennia ago, and these caretakers are just their descendants working off of that same contract.
    • What do they do after the events of this movie?
  • What if, during the original Star Wars, George Lucas had included a flashback showing Darth Vader killing Luke's father (Anakin Skywalker)? Wouldn't have locked us into a continuity that is different than our current idea of Star Wars, or would they have try to get out of it later on?
  • Jordan will be back tomorrow.
  • Plug for the Porgo Loco shirt design by Joe Dator.

Meta Minute

  • 36:03 podcast episode length.
  • Pete was right, the piece of the map that BB-8 had was the local map, and R2 had the larger overall map.


  • Pete: (as R2) Yeah, I'll make sure nothing bad happens (R2, to himself) *sigh* please let something bad happen.
  • Alex: The ceremonial "tossing of the saber" for luck.
  • Jordan: (to Pete) Good! Wise. Good parenting.
  • Jordan: (as a young Ben Solo) Uncle Luke, you're so lame! You're relatively good-looking and normal size. If only you were bigger and uglier, then I would think you were cool and listen to you.
  • Pete: Remember, Jordan, I got a can of worms with your name on it.
  • Alex: Mmmmmm... hot porgs.


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