Last Jedi Minute 68: Stampede!

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May 5th, 2021


Guest commentator Tony Consiglio ducks for cover as the Fanthiers run amok and Ubbla Mollboro hits a high note!


Tony Consiglio



  • Starts with Temiri Blagg ushering the fa[n]thiers out, and ends with the fathiers trashing the/going to town.
  • Jurassic teacup.


  • How much of the fathiers' rampage is intentional (either on the part of Rose or the fathiers themselves)?
  • Finn and Rose crash through solid walls and suffer no ill effects. The physical unreality that Alex referred to previously.
    • Referenced: Indiana Jones, The Hobbit movies. It's like late-model Indiana Jones (i.e. Crystal Skull).
  • The only one left standing is the droid serving drinks. It's very Jumanji.
  • What if one of the fathiers had been planning this out for years? Mentioned: Reservoir Dogs.
  • The best part of any movie for Alex is when animals run amok and destroy things.
  • What if they kept the gag going in a galaxy-wide stampede that then spread to different Disney franchises. Mentioned: the end of Blazing Saddles.
  • It seems like that the fathiers would incur far more damage crashing into speeders than they ever took as racehorses.
  • Mentioned: Ratatouille. Rose has always wanted to ride a fathier.
  • The sort of computer-generated mixed with live action uncanny valley of humans riding fake things in movies.
  • Who's liable for all this property damage? Mentioned: the end of Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail.
  • Showcase for an alien.
    • Alien-human romantic pairings in Star Wars?
  • The extended fathier chase.
  • Fathier name report: Casual Retort.
  • Have our hosts ridden horses?
    • Tony had a bad first experience.
  • Call 8-DAY-GREEDO and share your horse stories.
  • Post your experience with horses on social media.

Meta Minute

  • 30:20 podcast episode length.
  • As it happens, the minutes of Crystal Skull that Alex covered on the Indiana Jones Minute (at his request), were the those where Mutt swings from vines with monkeys.
  • Ubbla Mollboro's floating pet is a Jekoon.


  • Tony: ...oh! Well, let me go through that TJ Maxx window!...
  • Alex: <gruff voice> Kid, some day you'll tell this on a podcast; it'll all be worth it!
  • Tony: There's a lot of melee in all these minutes!


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