Last Jedi Minute 6: Dammit!

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February 8th, 2021


Lt. Josh Flanagan joins us at the battle of D’Qar as our first guest commentator and bombardier! BB8 is tasked with fixing Poe's X-wing.


Josh Flanagan



  • Starts with Poe Dameron zooming in to take out the cannons, and it ends with BB-8 beginning to work his magic.


  • Referenced: Ink Banthas, Star Trek III/the Roll Call of Heroes.
  • Josh is the first guest of the new season which means he gets to reclaim the Josh Flanagan Memorial Lounge.
  • If Pete ever gets a street named after him don't call him by his real name, call it Street The Retailer. Organic plug for Star Wars Minute: Weekend Edition. Mentioned: Goodfellas Minute.
  • Josh has feelings re: Hux – he's a cartoon villain. We get a "Daffy Duck" vibe . He doesn't have a mustache, but he's basically mustache-twirling.
  • Hux face. Referenced: "Yes and...".
  • Captain Moden Canady.
    • Auditioned to be a First Order officer in The Force Awakens. He was in the pool but his number was never called.
    • Previous Star Wars credits voice in a Legends Star Wars video game (so it's twice removed from canon) "Star Wars the Old Republic" (not Knights of the Old Republic) as Darth Decimus. Imagining Mark Lewis Jones having a big head for having been in a Star Wars project prior to this and then being surprised that no one recognized him.
    • "Game of Thrones" and "The Crown" are the new "Who were they in Superman".
      • "Game of Thrones" is probably going to win that one; there are a lot of characters – if you're a British actor with a beard you're in it – it's the "Law & Order" of British actors.
      • He was Shagga, leader of the Stone Crows. Referenced Shaggy from "Scooby-Doo".
    • "Tuckerization scramble": May Dove Canady named after the main character in May which was edited by Rian Johnson.
      • It's an Easter egg, not a plot hole.
      • Not named after Kathleen Kennedy. Conspiracy theory?
  • Out of context, this is a really beautiful-looking movie. Star Wars doesn't usually play with light and color; it's normally very flat. The exception is in Empire.
  • Another "almost quote": "That 'puny ship' is too small and at too close range" for the turbolasers.
    • Turbolasers are clearly not designed for attacking snub fighters. It makes sense they would be unprepared for a small attack on the Death Star, but they should know better by now.
  • The coolness of a swarm of TIE fighters versus a single TIE fighter
    • "Swarm" is the collective noun for TIE fighters.
  • The complete lack of actual physics in Star Wars movies. Maybe "space fire" behaves differently than real fire.
  • Wedge saving Luke's bacon.
  • BB-8 is playing the role of Artoo in this movie. The back of Poe's X-wing is cavernous and empty like Oscar the Grouch's trash can (from Sesame Street) or the TARDIS from "Doctor Who".
  • Dammit: is that okay? Is it Star Wars?
    • Places where they say "damn":
      • Alex: May the damn Force be with you
      • Pete: I've been waiting for this for a long damn time.
      • Josh: always and Dan motion is the future.
      • Pete: Luke I'm your damn father.
      • Josh: Poe 'Damneron'.
    • Damn fool idealistic crusade
    • Is that Poe's catchphrase?
  • Oscar Isaac facts
    • Plays a broad range of ethnicities. Mentioned: X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)
His 4 "known for"s: 
1. Inside Llewellyn Davis
2. Ex machina
3. A Most Violent Year
4. The Force Awakens
    • Also voiced Interesting Person #1 in Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse and was in Annihilation. He's slated to be in the upcoming Dune movie.
    • Apocalypse vs. Moon Knight.
    • He's a great actor but that doesn't automatically make the movie great.
  • Josh… will be back tomorrow
  • Watch the show on YouTube.

Meta Minute

  • 32:13 podcast episode length.


  • Josh: (re: AlexRobinson.Fun) That's a real thing huh.
  • Josh: ...I can't believe we're still doing this.
  • Josh and Pete: *dueling John F. Kennedy impressions*.
  • Pete: What was the dreadnought? The "emulsifier"?
  • Alex: (as someone from Central Casting) We need three Imperial types and we need a space aliens.
  • Alex: I didn't see May, but I guarantee you it ruined my childhood.
  • Josh: It's, like, this spatula's no good for eating spaghetti.
  • Pete: "Original recipe" Death Star run.
  • Josh: You don't have a butt if everything's the same. Alex: Whoa. real Jedi wisdom there.
  • Pete: He [R2-D2] can fix things because he's got a butt.
  • Pete: Who's more dammed, the fool or the idealistic crusade?


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