Last Jedi Minute 73: Milhouse

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May 12th, 2021


Luke Skywalker ignites the green but is it enough to satisfy guest commentator Steele Saunders?

From a certain point of view!


Steele Saunders



  • Starts with Rey asking Kylo how he could be so low as to kill Solo. Ends with Kylo telling Rey that she should "let the past—"
  • The famous line "Your parents threw you away like garbage."
  • First time we see pen and paper in Star Wars.


  • The phrasing of calling something 'garbage' might not mean the same thing to someone who lives on a junk planet and makes their living off of selling garbage.
  • Kylo Ren does quite a lot of passive-aggressive negging.
  • The way that Ben Solo calls his father 'Han Solo' (the full name) as if it were one word. He refers to Rey's potential father figures in the most dismissive way possible. Shoutout to Radtke (who is even called that by his wife). Mentioned: Wormie Skywalker.
  • In Luke's version of his backstory, he was Bart Simpson and everyone thought he was cool, but in everyone else's version of his backstory, he was Milhouse (who everyone made fun of).
  • The "whole double-backing" on Rey's heritage is where Star Wars falls apart for Steele.
    • The fundamental moral message of the first two films of the Sequel Trilogy was that you can come from nothing and still change the world. But then the third one says you better be related to someone even if you don't know it.
      • 99% of children watching these movies relate to coming from nothing and trying to become something as opposed to the 1% who are related to someone infamous and need to try and overcome that.
        • The reason there are so many movies that keep getting made about workaholic business people who have to learn that their real wealth was their family is because that's who the movie producers themselves are.
    • This damage was already done in Return of the Jedi when they made Leia Luke's sister.
      • Throughout the movies, everyone gets more and more related, and the only people who we thought from the get-go were related (Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru being related to Obi-Wan and or to Luke) are not actually related. Or even Leia and her father.
    • In The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren was obsessed with the past and becoming the next Darth Vader, but now he's saying "let the past die."
      • But that's character growth after he got that dressing down from Snoke saying he'll never be the next Darth Vader and so he's talking to himself as much as Rey when he says that it's time to give up on trying to live in the past.
      • Then they backtrack on that in Episode IX and he's got the mask back on and he's the sidekick to the main villain rather than the main villain himself.
  • Rey is all broken up about the death of Han despite not spending that much time with him. But there is a precedent in Star Wars where despite losing her family and her entire planet, Leia is comforting Luke over the loss of his hobo mentor who he may have only met that day.
  • Although George Lucas didn't have a grand overall plan for the films (despite his protestations to the contrary), at least he wasn't arguing with himself. It's like a bad game of improv.

Luke igniting the green

  • Pete thought of Steele when he saw it in the theater.
Steele had heard that Luke didn't use the green lightsaber in the film, and he was angry about that beforehand. He had hoped the green lightsaber would be in R2 and he would shoot it out when it was needed, à la the sarlacc pit battle.
We see Luke's point of view, but he's the bad guy in this scene. Per Steele, it's a great metaphor for the film itself in pop culture because it's either great or terrible depending on your perspective coming in. 
Thinking about how Luke's last act was to inspire the Galaxy brought Steele to tears. Because it's not always about what you do, it's about how it impacts others. So he came to terms with it quickly. 
  • Why is he not using the green lightsaber when he's "fighting" Kylo at the end? Is it to give the audience an inkling that something funny is going on? Because we just saw the blue lightsaber break.
    • Rian has his reasons from a filmmaking perspective, but why did Luke do it, in-universe? Alex's theory is that little appears differently to different people based on their view of him.
    • Steele was upset when he saw it because the rumors were right.
  • Kylo keeps his lightsaber on his nightstand. Isn't that a bit dangerous? Because he might sleepily reach for it by accident when going for his chapstick.
  • What happened to his blue lightsaber?
    • It doesn't say in the visual dictionary, but according to Wookieepedia it is the same lightsaber that we see in the rest of the movie.
  • Plug for the SteeleWars podcast.

Other notes

  • Amazingly, Rian Johnson still seems to like Star Wars even after everything he's been through.

Meta Minute

  • 43:28 podcast episode length.
  • In an interview with IGN, Rian Johnson explains his thought process as to why he had Luke using Anakin's blue lightsaber rather than his own green saber.


  • Alex: (framing the moral message of these films to the intended audience, executives at Lucasfilm) Don't worry that you're so much wealthier than everyone else; your kids are going to turn out fine.
  • Pete: We thought it was a Swedish Fish but it was a red herring.
  • Steele: Nothing ruins Star Wars more than dates [...] Alex: Never bring a date to A Start Wars film.
  • Steele: (in response to all the craziness that Rian Johnson has had to put up with over this movie) <sincerely> That dude is a saint.
  • Pete: I think the guy wearing the gold pajamas would absolutely not be out of line having just red sheets for walls.
  • Steele: if you were gonna be a Supreme ruler, get comfy! Have some pizazz.


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