Last Jedi Minute 74: Space Bones

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May 13th, 2021


Guest commentator Steele Saunders from Steele Wars joins Rey as she takes the plunge into the magic wet swamp hole!


Steele Saunders



  • Starts with Kylo Ren saying "...kill it, if you have to. Ends with Rey going for a swim.


  • When the Falcon takes off from Ahch-To, Steele was taken back because he didn't know how Luke could possibly show up again later in the movie (but he assumed that he would have to).
    • The red [5] herring of seeing the X-Wing parked underwater.
  • Off the cuff, Pete comes up with the "Finn in the medical bubble" dream theory (cf, the "Han Solo in Carbonite" dream theory").
  • The difference between "best" as in quality and most favorite.
    • Unfortunately, the emotions are so high surrounding this film (out-of-universe) that Steele finds himself spending too much time defending it and not enough time enjoying it.
    • The problem with doing a season of the show a year roughly is that we're catching up to the present day, meaning we haven't had time to sit with these movies as long as we have the Original Trilogy or even the Prequels. We lack the perspective of hindsight because we're still within the zeitgeist.
  • Before this movie, you could just gush about Star Wars and it was okay; you didn't have to worry about people having an unexpected extreme reaction, but now if someone asks you your feelings on The Last Jedi, you have to be kind of guarded and gauge how much of your true feelings you should be sharing.
    • Shout-out to Alex's brother. He's a casual Star Wars fan and comes out of every Star Wars movie thinking it was great but when he asks Alex what he thought of it, it's almost like they saw a completely different movies.
      • Since it's sort of his job to think intensely about Star Wars movies as supposed to just watching them, Alex has to be guarded about what he shares with Andy because he doesn't want to ruin it for him.

Let the past die

  • Kylo's line that opens this minute is one of the most quoted lines from this movie, both by fans and detractors.
    • People misinterpreted this to be what Johnson or Lucasfilm are saying, but it's actually the villain of the mpvie who's saying it.
      • But it's interesting in that it parallels what Luke was saying about how the Jedi are over and done with.
    • It speaks to where Kylo is at this point in his story arc. It's like a kid who is super into Star Wars but then got made fun of for it and so turns a 180 and gives other people a hard time for liking star wars.
      • It's so Meta because now there's a GIRL into Star Wars and so Kylo Ren (the scorned fanboy) has to gatekeep or exact a toll or make fun of her for being into Star Wars.
  • Is saying to let the past die a variation on the Jedi concept of no attachments? It seems like Yoda would agree he did destroy the Jedi Temple on Ahch-To.
  • The same thing happens with comics and TV shows and movies.
    • Mentioned: Bring Back "Firefly". They're never going to be as good as you think they should be, so just let them go: enjoy them, remember them, but don't try to resurrect them.
  • The statement " become what you're meant to be."
    • Pete feels that it undermines the previous sentiment because it still lets the past hold sway over you it's like a prophecy.

The seaweed hole

  • The connection between the Force call and Rey going to the seaweed hole.
    • We hear the sounds of the swamp hole at the end of her call with Kylo Ren before we see the seaweed hole.
    • Luke said the seaweed hole was giving her something she needed, and Rey said it was trying to show her something, so when Kylo Ren told Rey that her parents threw away like garbage, she decided to go look them up. He put that thought into her mind and so that influenced what she saw in the seaweed hole.
      • Parallels when Luke is about to go into the Evil Cave and Yoda says that you will see only way you bring in there.
    • Does Rey a) fall in the seaweed hole, b) jump in, or c) does it pull her in?
  • We see a skull under the water. It's reminiscent of whenever they go underground in "The Simpsons" and you see dinosaur skeletons and alien spaceships and whatnot.
    • It's also a callback to earlier in the movie when we saw something even more similar to that.
    • Is it the skeleton of that sea monster thing (its space bones).
  • The seaweed hole seems to be open to the elements, as in there's more than one way to enter.
    • Do you see things differently depending on which entrance you use?
    • Have other creatures gone down there (such as porg)? What would they see?

Other notes

Meta Minute

  • 26:33 podcast episode length.
  • When this video originally posted to YouTube, Pete's audio and video both cut out. Rather than delete the video, it was renamed Last Jedi Minute 74: DIY Edition to allow the viewer to fill in their own dialog.


  • Steele: I was going to say "Boy are your expectations going to be subverted, [Luke]'s all up in this piece later."
  • Steele You're becoming very well suited for YouTube.
  • Steele: "Remember to ruin an episode next season."
  • Pete and then Alex: the call of the seaweed hole.


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