Last Jedi Minute 75: Infinity Steeles

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May 14th, 2021


Guest commentator Steele Saunders is here to catch some Reys way down in the hole and gives us his HONEST opinion of #TheLastJedi!


Steele Saunders



  • Starts with Rey gasping, and ends with Rey snapping.


  • How the important plot elements of this scene might be different if it was also directed by J. J. Abrams.
    • Pete's opinion is that what we see now doesn't contradict what we see later. Who Rey sees in the mirror is not her parents, but the person who made her who she is (herself, because she's self-made).
  • Steele remembers finding the few seconds between when Ray reaches out and when she touches the mirror interminable.
  • Steele's aunt had one of those dressers in the bathroom / washroom that has mirrors on three sides so when you look into it you see infinite reflections (Infinity Steeles). Maybe Rian had something similar.
  • Per Alex, the way the snap goes out and around and back to her is kind of a metaphor for the Force in a way because it controls her actions but also obeys her command in that she initiated it, but then can't help but snap when the snap reaches her again.
  • The shot of her slapping her hand down as she's getting out of the water is almost identical to the one from when she was meditating and slammed her hand down on the rock.
    • Alex is disappointed that there's not another shot so it could obey the comedy rule of thirds.
  • Referenced: Parody films like Not Another Teen Movie movie.
    • There was "LEGO Star Wars: Droid Tales" associated with the release of The Force Awakens, but other than that there hasn't been as many comedic tie-ins to the newer Star Wars films so far, at least not compared to the Originals and Prequels which had Robot Chicken and Family Guy.
    • SNL has some good Sequel-era Star Wars parodies.
  • Fans at conventions reenacting the Rey snap. It's reminiscent of the "running of the Willrow Hoods".
  • Fan theorizers got so much of this movie right.
  • Referenced: the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • In 7 years of doing the podcast, they've missed out on the trope of asking "what if the film ended here?" But Pete's trying that out now. Or if this was a TV series they would have cut after Rey fell down the hole and then had the next episode be entirely about some other character's adventure like on Canto Bight or the space chase to leave us in suspense.
  • Yoda and Obi-Wan were willing to let Luke die or potentially turn to the Dark side rather than tell him that they were lying about who his father was when he's about to leave Dagobah to go rescue Han and Leia.
    • If he did choose to go anyway, it would definitely ruin the scene when Vader tells him that he's his father.
    • But the question remains, would he still have gone? They didn't have to tell him (they thought) because they didn't think Darth Vader would tell Luke or even knew that he was his father.
      • But in Return of the Jedi it seems like Yoda knows that Vader knew ("told you, did he?")
    • Did Luke tell Yoda what he saw in the cave? Seems like he must have because Yoda refers to his failure in the cave.
    • It's not at all surprising that Obi-Wan didn't tell him because he only tells Luke the truth after Luke confronts him that he knows the truth. Maybe Yoda was going to tell him and Obi-Wan kept convincing him not to.
  • Other things that Darth Vader could have said in response to Luke's line "he told me enough! he told me you killed him."
  • Other Jedi using the gag of "Of course I know him. He's me."
  • This scene is emblematic of how much thought Rian Johnson put into making this film. It's very much not what Steele had expected, but what he did do is very well thought out. The characters all behave in ways that make sense. It's just unfortunate that this movie came out in the time and the political climate that it did when people were so divided.
    • People adopting a "Star Wars fan" cosplay to get across a greater culture war.
  • In many ways, this film was a landmark for Steele of what was to come in the next few years.
    • Before this film his Star Wars fan life was more carefree and open.
    • The film means a lot to him both good and bad.
    • What it means to be a Star Wars fan has changed so much since this movie has come out. We started this week saying Star Wars wasn't important, but now we're saying it is important because it's important to us.
  • What people are so up in arms about is not the film itself.
  • Just for the sake of your own health there's only so much negativity you should allow yourself to feel if things don't go right or the way you expect. Mentioned: chasing the dragon.
  • The much-promised Rian Johnson star wars trilogy.
  • Plug for

Meta Minute

  • 31:41 podcast episode length.


  • Pete and then Alex: Gaspin' and snappin'.
  • Pete: They all look the same so it's hard to tell… that's not me being REYcist…
  • Steel: Your idea… it's disgusting. Pete: That's what I was looking for.
  • Steele: "Rey Nobody" forever. Hashtag.
  • Steel: Love Star Wars like a 12-year-old, dislike Star Wars like an adult.


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