Last Jedi Minute 78: You Better Shape Up

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Grease, the word is.


May 19th, 2021


Guest commentator Riley Silverman walks in on a steamy handshake between Reylo but Luke doesn't take it well!


Riley Silverman



  • Starts with hands touching hands (reaching out, touching me, touching you). Ends with the "Council" deciding that Rey is getting kicked off the island.
    • The first half of this minute, which is just two people sitting and holding their hands out, is just as intense as the second half of the minute with a wall exploding.


  • Riley is calling us from her ship in hyperspace.
  • Referenced: Frozen II, "Sweet Caroline" (Neil Diamond song), "Survivor".

Hands touching hands

  • Rey and Kylo touching hands is more intimate and emotional than any kiss we ever see in Star Wars. It's more loaded. Genuine emotional scenes in Star Wars are rare.
    • The acting in the scene and the director as an "actors' director."
    • To quote Rian Johnson, this is probably the closest we'll ever get to a sex scene in Star wars.
    • Compared to Obi-Wan finding out about Anakin and Padmé's forbidden relationship. The Prequel movies don't really use this as a plot points (despite their operatic feel).
      • So credit to the "Clone Wars" series, where this actually does come up.
    • Even if you take out the romance aspect (which wasn't a guarantee at this point in the story), it's still a clandestine meetup of supposed enemies.
    • The intimacy of Vulcans touching hands in Star Trek. Referenced: Frau Blücher ([*NEIGH*) from Young Frankenstein.
  • Remember from yesterday, Riley has written scripts for romantic comedies. Referenced: Nelson and Lisa from Simpsons.
  • The trope of "enemies into lovers". Kylo is the "bad boy who can be changed" referenced: Danny Zuko from Grease. Of course, in Grease they sort of meet each other halfway. Referenced: "You're the One That I Want".

Other notes

  • The fans of this podcast, the Facebook group, and the Prequel Memes, have made Riley appreciates those movies more.
  • As much as it would have been interesting to see Rey fall to the Dark side as a result of her relationship with Kylo, they couldn't do that because it would ruin so many little kids lives. They just tease it in a Force vision in the next one.
    • The difficulties that fans would have had if they had written the Prequels first and had Darth Vader murder children first and then be redeemed. Referenced: (Pro wrestling, Hulk Hogan) Anybody can turn evil.
  • It took a lot to get Harrison Ford to come back to Star Wars. For Ford at least, it wasn't about the money—he he's loaded—it was about tying up loose ends with characters he's played. And he's done enough Post-Star Wars that it's not the only thing that defines him, which is why he was able to come back. Compared to Christopher Eccleston leaving the "Doctor Who" franchise acrimoniously, and only just now returning to it and making peace with the fans.
    • The SW fandom has softened towards Hayden Christensen; they may do so towards these movies and come to be at peace with these actors as well.
  • Referenced: The Beastie Boys. When Luke busts in, how much of what we're seeing is what he is seeing, and is he actually seeing it or just sensing it or what?
  • Behind the scenes footage of Luke pulling away the wall of the hut is a practical effect: each of the rocks is on wires.
Last Jedi - Practical effects test.gif
  • Is this what Luke was wearing already, or did he get changed and then come see Rey? What does Luke usually dress like for bedtime on the island? They do seem exactly like his old Jedi robes. It would be sad if they didn't fit him anymore.
    • Referenced: A Christmas Carol.
  • Referenced: "This Minute Now" from the Holiday Special.
  • Riley should be able to land her ship by then, so she'll be back tomorrow.

Meta Minute

  • 27:34 podcast episode length.
  • During this scene, Kylo Ren is aboard his flagship, the Finalizer.


  • Pete: I think you couldn't get Adam Driver to do it [come back to Star Wars] for less than a dump truck. […] and Adam Driver would want the dump truck too, I think.
  • Riley: (as Scrooge) You there! Buy me a big fat Ronto! The biggest in the shop. Alex: (as Tiny Tim) it's Boonta Eve!


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