Last Jedi Minute 81: Reverse Leslie Nielsen

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May 24th, 2021


Guest commentator Tony Thaxton joins us for Rey making Luke choose: will we see the Rise of Skywalker or is he truly The Last Jedi?


Tony Thaxton



  • Starts with [trailer line] Luke telling Rey this is not going to go the way she thinks, and ends with Luke strolling around Ahch-To after he watches the Falcon disappear into the sky.
  • Ring theory to earlier in this movie: Rey holds out the lightsaber to Luke again.


  • Tony has been doing nothing but podcasts for the last year+, but he loves the show so much that he agreed to be here without hesitation.
  • "This is not going to go the way you think." What did Luke think that Rey thought about how this was going to go, and was he correct?
    • Everybody told Luke to give up on his father, but he still ended up being redeemed. Contrast this with old man Luke who has lost all his idealism.
  • Trailers impact what we perceive as the 'iconic moments' of the film. Mentioned: The Phantom Menace trailer, Ira Bell.
  • Leslie Nielsen is famous for having started out in dramatic roles and then switching to comedy. It's too bad he never got to pull a Reverse Leslie Nielsen and start out in comedy and then go to serious acting.
    • Leslie Nielsen as the potential antagonist in a blaxploitation film.
  • The line "our last hope" is a callback to Empire, except there's no one saying "no, there is another". Referenced: Marie Skywalker.
    • Referenced: A New Hope. "Active" words in the titles of Star Wars movies.
  • Rey tricking Luke into going with them. Given the humor in this movie, veering into Looney Tunes would almost not be out of place.
  • Hermit Luke isn't what Tony expected but he likes it.
    • Like most people, Tony has a complicated relationship with this movie. See also: Luke tossing the lightsaber.
  • Rey goes straight from fighting with Luke in the rain to leaving on the Falcon. Did she bring a change of clothes is she stopping wet and cold in there? What is the temperature inside the falcon? Shout out to Noah Segan AKA (Stomeroni Starck).
  • Whatever happened to Lando's Skiff guard helmet from Tatooine? Mentioned: the Collector from Marvel.
  • Episode 10 will be a legal battle between Rey Skywalker and the unauthorized Skywalker museum. Referenced: debate over Elvis's true "home" (his birthplace in Tupelo, MS vs Graceland, TN).
  • When was the last time the Falcon had a wash? Is that even a thing in Star Wars? Mentioned: Nowatta.
  • Airbrushing the Falcon as if it was the side of a van.
    • Boba Fett repainting his armor the second he gets it back (in "The Mandalorian").
  • Tony answers the question "what is the most exotic food you've ever tried?" He was not brave enough to sample the plate of whole baby octopus in Japan.
    • Pete has convinced Alex not to eat cephalopods because they are too smart.
  • Referenced: Alison Rosen's podcast. Plug for Bizarre Albums.
    • Tony has more than one friend. He's, like, famous.

Meta Minute

  • 28:26 podcast episode length.
  • Although Tony had not yet snagged the naming rights to the guest lounge as of this season, he will hold that honor next season.
  • At the time of this recording, Tony has done three closing themes for the regular show as well as Chris Radtke's theme. For more info, see SWM Music.
  • "Leslie Nielsen backwards is Neslein Eilsel, which is not that interesting. But, his name is an anagram of "I sell nine eels", which is way funnier.


  • Pete: *chanting* Bring back Leslie Nielsen! Bring back Leslie Nielsen!
  • Alex: (paraphrasing Luke) "It's time for the Jedi to en— ter the big dance contest!"
  • Tony: You can never beat the first tongue.


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