Last Jedi Minute 8: Reverse Turtle

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February 10th, 2021


Guest commentator Josh Flanagan from talks fast and furiously as Poe executes some sick flying maneuvers that will leave skid marks on your brain!


Josh Flanagan, Tic Tac (last two minutes)


  • Starts with C-3PO trying to wipe the nervous expression off his face, and ends with Tallie telling the fighters to protect the bombers.
  • No Y-wings in this sequence.


  • "Dot fun" is a real thing.
  • Is this the moment that C-3PO has had enough of the abuse? When's he gonna snap?
  • BB-8's technique for fixing the ship and his multi-articulated spindly arm.
    • It's his version of slapping the Millennium Falcon's dashboard. Referenced: V.I.N.CENT. from The Black Hole (1979), a "reverse turtle" (Poofin' it).
  • Poe blows something up and then flies through the explosion with no ill effects.
  • Poe's skidding U-turn. It would be impossible in either an atmosphere or in space.
    • Maybe the dreadnought has its own gravity? That still wouldn't help explain the skidding turn.
    • There's a full-scale rejection of any kind of reality in these movies. They don't even have the fake comic book science we see in Marvel.
  • Tallissan "Tallie" Lintra.
    • Mentioned: "Fonzie-ing it". Referenced: BB-8's thumb's up/middle finger.
    • From Pippip 3 ("Pip pip tally ho!")
    • Blue leader.
    • Since they didn't know a dreadnought would be showing up, what was the original plan with the bombers?
  • The design of the bombers is great. They're a new design, but harken back to other Star Wars. Form indicates function.
    • But they suck at their job. The MG-100 "Sitting Duck" Star Fortress.
      • How they came up with the name "Fulminatrix".
  • Someone do a Star Wars "We didn't start the fire". Each verse could be a movie (either in release order or chronological order).
  • First Order office with the periscope: Suday Bascus. Referenced: Periscope.
  • Canady is over this – it's another day at the office.
  • Y-wings in the OT and the sequel trilogy. They're like classic cars.
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Meta Minute

  • 23:43 podcast episode length.
  • This is the first (but not the last) time this week that Josh's video has a little caption. It reads "Hero of the Rebellion TM.
  • If we assume the dreadnought is a giant pizza slice with length 7,669.71 m, width, 4,121.02 m, and height 770.85 m, then it has an internal volume of approximately 1.22 x 1010 m3. If we filled that entire space with osmium (the densest naturally-occurring element on Earth), that would give it a mass of 2.75842 x 1014 kg. That may sound like a lot, but if it were a planet with a radius of 770.85 m, then the surface gravity would only be about 3% that of the Earth. So yeah, they're gonna need some artificial gravity somehow.
  • There are a lot of Star Wars "We Didn't Start the Fire"s out there, but none of them that we are aware of break up the verses by film.
  • Alex and Josh actually say the show closer in sync!


  • Josh: (in rough New York accent) Brooklyn group, checkin' in!
  • Josh: I would disqualify a neckless poof.
  • Pete: An ineffective dominatrix.
  • Josh: Modular pop song satirization.
  • Alex: First cow, Last Jedi.
  • Josh: (to himself) What kind of nerd are you Josh?


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