Last Jedi Minute 91: Journey of Discovery

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"I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. A Rebel's faithful one hundred percent."


June 7th, 2021


Guest commentators Alison Rosen & Daniel Quantz join the mutiny as Poe outmaneuvers Admiral Holdo!


Alison Rosen and Daniel Quantz



  • Starts with the shield status indicator light going off, and ends with the space iron coming down to get the wrinkles out of a First Order blouse.
  • Tuckerized names:


  • Now Pete has to buy that.
  • Plug for the show on YouTube.
    • Showering for video conferences.
  • Alison is not particularly Star Wars-literate. She offers the outsider's perspective.
  • Alison's thoughts on Hermit Luke. She didn't really feel anything one way or another. Mentioned: "spoilers".
  • Pete's canon of "Star Wars" movies. Referenced: The Dark Ages.
  • Referenced: Indiana Jones' ill-fitting Nazi uniform.
  • Laura Dern's acting. Referenced: Big Little Lies 2, Jurassic Park (1993).
  • Does Holdo know who Finn is?
  • This is the third time Poe throws a fit. The character of Poe and comparisons with Han Solo.
    • He's wrong, and we the audience know it.
  • Mutiny on the Raddus.
  • Abednedo names.
  • Daniel's theory on how George Lucas came up with the name Lando Calrissian. It involves butter and raisins. Shout-out to Tony Thaxton.
  • Canonized SWMers, and what is Star Wars canon.
  • Plug for the Patreon.

Meta Minute

  • 32:41 podcast episode length.
  • Pete really did buy
  • Alex's mug is a green dinosaur foot from the Field Museum, Chicago.
  • At the end of the video, Pete tries to copy Alex pointing at the camera, but has trouble finding his finger.


  • Daniel: …and I'm Daniel Quantz from danielquantz dot sad.
  • Alex: Guess who has to buy "" now? Good work there.
  • Alison: I loved Laura Dern as Hondo <sic>. With her... green hair. And her super short neck.
  • Alison: I was like "Oh my God, it's a spaceship that looks just like an iron! Oh my God, IT IS AN IRON!"
  • Alex: It's not sentient, like Ernie Fosselius.
  • Pete: Noted "good actor" Laura Dern…
  • Pete: I like [Poe], but he really should be before a firing squad by this point. [… ] Alison: I would kill him with my own bare hands, but I DO like him.


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