Last Jedi Minute 92: Dental Floss

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June 8th, 2021


Rose, Finn & DJ infiltrate The Supremacy, all under the watchful eyes of BB-9E and guest commentators Daniel Quantz & Alison Rosen!


Alison Rosen and Daniel Quantz



  • Starts with Finn dumping out a trash can, and ends with Rey telling Ben he will not bow before Snoke.
  • BB-8 does mouse droid sounds.
  • BB-9E. They called him "BB-HATE" on set.
  • The scene of them walking through First Order cubicles was originally much longer.
  • Rey and Kylo's elevator is seen in the background.
  • Even more hazardous platforms with no railings.


  • Remember: Finn used to be in sanitation.
    • What does the First Order throw away? Dental floss?
    • The First Order probably doesn't recycle/compost (you know, because they're the bad guys).
  • The Star Wars visual aesthetic: lived-in vs. clean and polished. Mentioned: Kinko's (note: see below). Long time.
  • 15% too much comedy. What scene(s) would you cut?
  • When did DJ have time to sell them out (note: see minute 97)?
  • Maggie Simpson's rivalry with the evil baby.
  • Our guests initial reactions on seeing The Last Jedi and feelings as of now.
    • The film makers reacting to what they misinterpreted as fan consensus (rather than a small number of loud people).
    • Appreciating movies on their own merit rather than comparing them against what you expected they'd be like.
      • These really are movies for kids.
    • The sense of scale and trying time and again to wow the audience with how big things can get (with diminishing returns). The "language of cinema" in Star Wars as taught in film school. Mentioned: Alternate opening on Finn's medical bubble.
  • Just like the Empire, the First Order scrimps on safety equipment. Mentioned: The Hudsucker Proxy (1994).

Other 'BB' units

  • QT-9 the therapy droid. Therapy droids vs. therapy Ewoks.
  • Phasma's BB-K8.
  • BB-00.
  • BB-H20.
  • Discussion of the mouse droid / popcorn bucket available from Galaxy's Edge.
  • BB-BOO20 (the Halloween version of BB-H20).
  • BB-6G
  • 2BB-2, which Pete has a pair of socks of.
  • What color/pattern would you want your 'BB' broid to be (considering that you can customize your own at Galaxy's Edge)?
    • Transparent droids, bags, and shoes.

Other notes

  • Elevator scene parallels Luke and Vader in the elevator in ROTJ (but see below).
  • The trope of the good girl trying to change the bad boy.

Meta notes The Last time he was called ben on screen was by his father.

  • Why isn't Kylo a Darth?
  • Someone coming up to you and saying that they "saw your future when they touched your hand" is not something you want to hear in real life.
  • Plug for the Patreon bonus shows.

Meta Minute

  • 42:02 podcast episode length.
  • Kinko's hasn't been a thing since 2008, when parent company FedEx rebranded its copy centers as FedEx Office, although the changeover wasn't complete in some areas until 2010.
  • C-3PO (as a 3PO-series protocol droid) is a third class droid, whereas astromech droids like R2-D2 are second class droids. In the Disney canon at least, class just refers to what your primary job is not necessarily how intelligent/sentient you are.
  • Luke doesn't actually have his dialogue scene with Vader in the elevator, but in the gangway ("skywalk") going from the AT-AT to the shuttle launch platform on Endor. But, the scene of Luke and Vader in the elevator on the Death Star is in minute 90 of ROTJ, which is pretty close to this one.


  • Alison: [Evil BB-8] looks like a Roomba on top of a radio.
  • Alison: I want a "Shabby chic" 'BB'.
  • Alison: (incredulously) Who's handing you an update?! Pete: My… other hand.
  • Alex: (to Alison) are you certain you were not using your x-ray vision?
  • Pete: Absolutely not dealing in Siths.


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