Last Jedi Minute 95: Sad George Lucas

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June 11th, 2021


Guest commentators Alison Rosen & Daniel Quantz are here as Holdo outmaneuvers Poe & the Mutineers!


Alison Rosen and Daniel Quantz



  • Starts with Poe Dameron knocking their lights out in the hanger, ends with Finn and Rose strutting their stuff on the first order Star Destroyer catwalk.
  • This minute calls back to when we see Leia get stunned aboard the Blockade Runner in Star Wars.
  • Second Red Leader quote of the week.


  • Alison has had railings and safety on her mind this week because she has small kids and is afraid of heights.
  • It's odd that nobody reacts when Poe turns out the lights.
  • The visual effect of Connix closing the door and comparison with Luke closing the door on the Death Star.
  • Why can't they (the Raddus) jump first and get a head start before they're done dismantling the tracker? Perhaps because the beginning of their journey would still be visible to the bad guys unless the tracker is totally disabled before they even attempt to jump.
  • Tickets from speed trap cameras and red light cameras.
  • Referenced: The Shining ("red rum").

Sad George Lucas

  • Daniel's custom-made sad George Lucas action figure. Referenced: Sad Keanu.
    • George Lucas is shorter than Daisy Ridley (not counting his thick head of hair).
    • Other potential "sad George Lucas"-type action figures from the most mundane moments in his life. Maybe him signing away the rights to Star Wars could be a playset (although bitterly sad, it wasn't mundane).
  • Upon his death, George Lucas should Lying in state|lie in state]] but in a blister pack (like a collectible).

Other notes

  • Mentioned: Attack the Block 2.
  • What did the Jedi Order do with Force sensitive kids who were too old? The Sith probably poached them.
    • Being Force sensitive: can anybody do it? It's like being Batman, where anybody with the drive and the resources can be Batman, but you have to be born Superman. We like it's better when it's aspirational.
  • George Lucas's idea that the sequels would take place in the microscopic world of the Midi- chlorians.
  • Plug for Alison's podcast and Patreon show. Shout out to Tony Thaxton also the Childish podcast which Pete produces.

Meta Minute

  • 28:24 podcast episode length.


  • Pete: (in a blasé tone) What's going on over there? I guess it's a mutiny.
  • Alison: I've become a "sad George Lucas" widow.


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