Last Jedi Minute 96: Hiding in the Garbage

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June 14th, 2021


Somehow guest commentator Joseph Scrimshaw has returned to just in time for Captain Phasma to return, somehow!


Joseph Scrimshaw



  • Starts with Finn, Rose, and DJ racing across the narrow red bridge, and ends with Holdo tenderly touching the face of a stunned Poe Dameron.
  • White-suited First Order officer Colonel Ansiv Garmuth was originally supposed to have much bigger part but 80% was cut out.
  • Phasma reveal.
  • It's been an hour since Leia was last on screen and active.
  • Music is a version of the "Star Wars Theme".


  • Mentioned: "Loki Charms."
  • Cosplaying as BB-8 in the garbage can. Mentioned: the running of the Wilrow Hoods.
  • Why are there holes in the First Order trash can? Wouldn't that make it not work. Mentioned: Joseph's Star Wars podcast Force Center.
  • The Star Wars trope of hiding amongst the garbage. The Millennium Falcon and garbage.
  • What does BB-9E sound like? (note: see below). What SNL alum would do BB-9E's voice?
  • The First Order "surprise party" for our heroes.
  • British actor Ralph Ineson. He's a genre tv/movie king.
  • A Last Jedi "extended edition" where a lot of the deleted scenes are cut back in (à la Lord of the Rings).
  • Recall: Pete would have liked Phasma to return [somehow] in The Rise of Skywalker. Referenced: Jason from the Friday the 13th franchise.
    • Joseph agrees. Yeah it's silly, but since Star Wars is based on old adventure serials and pulps, there is no height from which you can guarantee someone's fall will kill them. See also: Emperor Palpatine.
  • The grand tradition of Boba Fett, Darth Maul, and now Phasma: all cool looking villains who don't end up doing anything and all come back to life somehow.
  • The colors of Imperial/First Order uniforms.
    • First Order officer hats and flaps up vs. down. Referenced: Protect Ya Neck by Wu-Tang Clan.
  • Finn leaves his radio on so Poe can hear everything, but it would probably be hard to tell what was going on.
  • Pete rarely notices the music, but this time he did. Shout-out to Chrysanthe. Referenced: "A Day to Celebrate" (otherwise referred to as the "Tree of Life").
  • Ring theory: in her first appearance, Leia is stunned. Now she finally gets to stun someone else.
    • Even though the gun is set to stun, Poe could have been badly hurt getting thrown back (but see below). Maybe the floor was slippery.
    • Stun is visually distinct from regular blaster fire.
      • Alex always assumed that it was just because we saw it from Leia's point of view.
  • Holdo caressing Poe's cheek vs. slapping it.
  • Plug for 8-DAY-GREEDO.

Meta Minute

  • 37:58 podcast episode length.
  • The podcast summary for this episode is of course a reference to "somehow Palpatine returned".
  • At the start of the video, Joseph had his head down wearing a hood obscuring his face. When he does his opening "Hello there", he removes his hood à la Alec Guinness in Star Wars.
  • Joseph was last on the show in April 2019, so assuming he's been in exile that whole time, he could have missed a few things.
  • Although BB-9E never "speaks" in the movie, you can hear him (yep, another male droid) in the non-canonical "Star Wars Blips" episode "Hey You". The Sphero BB-9E toy sounds very similar.
  • On the Friday the 13th subreddit, there is a discussion of how many times Jason Voorhees has died and been resurrected. Sounds like a question for You're All Doomed: A Friday the 13th Podcast.
  • The hat with the flaps used in cold weather and associated with the Soviet (later Russian) military is called a Ushanka cap.
  • Among other things, a "stunner" is a move in professional wrestling.

Math of the stun blast

Going frame-by-frame through the scene, it looks like it takes Poe ½ of a second to go from being shot to hitting the wall. Using the small angle formula (and Oscar Isaac's height of 174 cm), it would seem Isaac is around 6–10 m away from the camera when the pyrotechnics go off, and about 8–12 m away as he hits the wall (meaning he flew back ~2 m or more than 6 feet!). This means he would have experienced a little under 2.0 g of acceleration (for reference, a bungee jumper experiences about 1.6 g) just from the impact of the stun blast; not enough to cause any serious harm but definitely enough to hurt!


  • Pete: Slab your breakfast cereal.
  • Joseph: Hours of work in order to walk around like a trash can.
  • Joseph: (in reference to BB-9E's glare at BB-8 in the trash can) That's a swearin' eye.
  • Joseph: Eff you, [...] space Monte Carlo!
  • Pete: You know what was good was the Subway tie-in menu for that where they had the "witch watch 'wiches".
  • Pete: I would totally just, you know, sit in a dark corner with a headset on watching the Prequels in 3d on my little headset.
  • Alex: "The Slapping Cheek" [...]: worst tavern in Middle Earth.


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