Last Jedi Minute 97: Anxiety Force

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June 15th, 2021


Poe's mutiny may have fizzled but guest commentator Joseph Scrimshaw brings the sizzle!


Joseph Scrimshaw



  • Starts off with Holdo condemning Poe as a troublemaker. Ends with General Leia looking out the window as her shuttle leaves the Raddus forever...?
  • 4CO!
  • DJ sells out our heroes after they are captured.
  • Leia never says "may the Force be with you" again.


  • Wearing a Jedi-style hood adds (but also demands) gravitas.
  • Han has terrible Force powers because his prediction that he wouldn't see the Falcon again didn't come to pass. Or instead of being in touch with the Living Force or the Cosmic Force, he's tapped into the Anxiety Force.
  • Leia and Holdo like and appreciate Poe. Mentioned: Wrong show (The Godfather).
    • He's good at what he does when the situation calls for it. He has the potential to be a great leader.
  • The hosts jokingly propose that since Poe was stunned, he would be the one that was left behind instead of Holdo.
  • Why does it take so many people to move Poe up the ramp? He's weighed down by his ego or by his beautiful luminous hair.
  • The roles of PZ-4CO in the Resistance. Mentioned: M*A*S*H. The lengths she had to go to to record Leia's memoirs.
  • Mistaking very similar-looking droids.
  • C-3PO has finally matured a bit and realized that he's not good at helping people handling their emotions. It took him many years to be able to read Leia's body language.
    • Considering he is a translator he sure is bad at emoting with his body.
  • Seriously though, why does a human need to stay behind (as opposed to a droid)? Although she knows she's sacrificing her life, she hadn't planned on going out in such an awesome blaze of glory.
    • Callback to the C-3PO maneuver.
    • Other ways she could have used their last hyperspace jump.
  • Cloaking devices in Star Wars (and Star Trek).
  • Holdo trivia
    • Naturally a blonde.
    • In the novelization, she is written as LGBTQ+.
  • Both in-universe and out-, Leia/Carrie Fisher is a leader that gives to other people and that always has the strength to soldier on.
  • Remember: the show is available on YouTube as well as in podcast form.

Meta Minute

  • 32:59 podcast episode length.
  • Joseph repeats the same "Hello there" gag from yesterday.
  • Wookieepedia and Imdb both credit Nathalie Cuzner as portraying PZ-4CO (her official credit is for "creature and droid puppeteer") in TFA and TROS. However, she is not credited for this movie (or even listed as uncredited), despite there being a behind-the-scenes photo of her in the suit.
    • PZ-44 dough conditioner is a flour treatment agent designed specifically to make pizza dough easier to work.
  • "Balance of Terror" is the "Star Trek: TOS" episode when the Romulan cloaking device first made its appearance.
  • This scene was rewritten by Johnson, Fisher, and Dern. Dern is on record as saying that "you taught me how" was both her character speaking to Leia, but also her speaking directly to Carrie.


  • Joseph: We cracked the physics of Star Wars. Finally.
  • Pete: I had a conversation about PZ-4CO not on this show. Alex: <so affronted he trips over his words> Who else were you talking to PZ-4CO about <sic>?! [...] (à la Han in ROTJ) Oh was it your new best friend Alison Rosen, is that who it was??
  • Alex: Is there a "Teal Tony" we should know about?
  • Pete: [Leia and Holdo's relationship] has a bit of a "girl pals" mustard to it.
  • Alex: Where do you go to get podcasts? Pete: The abyss.


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